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It was so much fun! Challenging enough with many levels to keep you entertained for a while. Great game, though the puzzles are a but easier than in others in the series. It seems the easier puzzles have led to higher ratings.

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Would have given 5 stars but some of the floors are ridiculously hard like But overall lots o' fun! Great game!!! Great game!

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Let me move on?? It won't let me pass level without writing a review. I don't like writing them so this is an inconvenience for me. Other than that its a fun and addictive game so if you like games that keep you on your toes for what's next this is a good one for you.

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I think you should get rid of the write a review after so many levels cause it's going to cause me to delete it cause I get into this game and I don't like having to stop and wait for the next update. I will end up deleting it cause It will take up space that I don't have on my iPhone. When you get to door 35, a pop up appears with two buttons stating, "Rate 5 Stars" or "No thanks. The pop up keeps coming back. I too appreciated having cheats for one or two puzzles.

Best doors ever!!! Most levels take a little figuring out to accomplish. Pretty basic and fun. I was stumped a few times, but there's a link to all the solutions, which made it real convenient to continue on. Can't wait for part 2!!!!! Will tell all my friends about this app. Thank you to the creator!!!! I like this one because I can actually play it on my iPhone 5 so it's Kind of ironic that it's version is revenge because I feel like I am taking it out on the other one that I could not download lol Overall very good game some levels pretty tough but that's the best part: Fun but The game is fun and addicting but it keeps looping on level 65 to review the game even though I've reviewed it many times.

I wish the game would either recognize that you reviewed the game to let you continue or get rid of the mandatory review all together. Not bad but forced rating!? Pretty good-very little in the way of arbitrary solutions but I don't appreciate being forced to give a rating to continue the game. I'd give it a 2 stars based on that alone but apparently I can't continue to play if I don't give it a 5.

Turns out a 5 won't let me continue either. Going with my irritated review. It would be easily a 5 without this forced rating and the fact I can't continue. Glad to have cheat sheets every once in awhile. I'm having same software problem you rate it over and over. Soon you want to rate it 0 for not being able to continue. Puzzles are challenging. There are just enough clues to solve those that aren't immediately apparent. Some of the puzzles took 45 to 90 minutes to solve. There are a couple of mistakes but they are minor and should not impede solution.

The game is fun. I have to use online hints because some doors are insanely confusing. I have to rate this before I move on, but it's not letting me move on. Hey, don't force the people to rate your app or else they'll hate you. Good game. You have to think quite a lot on some of them but fun and interesting. Just now got stuck because it want let pass without doin this review.

The game now won't let me pass from this level because of the stupid review. Despite a few flaws. Some level solutions you need the advise online because the layout on the game is not the same as the solution calls for.


One of the best games I have played in a while I always get a challenge on each level. Also it is fun to race your friends to see who completes a level first. Amazing, ok I've wrote this review three times and about to change the stars. It won't let me proceed bc it hasn't recognized that I've rated twice already! Now the fourth time ok I figured it needed to upload and gave the game time to see I rated it. I waited till morning and it still won't let me move forward, this is killing me. I'm done! No Music? It's a great game but I found that I can't listen to my music at the same time the game is running?

I don't particularly like that and I'm sure others don't as well. A simple update on that would be nice. Otherwise a pretty fun play. Very addicting once I started I couldn't stop playing until I beat it. It's a great game for driving in a car or something that's boring. I got stuck on sooo many levels. I finally figured all of them out. The thing that I don't like is that I can only go to level Other people can go to level But otherwise, so much fun! Love the game. Hate that it forces you to rate it in order to continue playing. I've written and submitted several times but it won't accept that I did it.

Fun game but I don't like being forced to review it. That's just stupid. I've reviewed it 6 times now and it keeps saying I have to review it, getting really annoying Fun, pretty addictive, i feel like some of the levels don't have very good touch response. My phone is brand new so i don't think it's the phone. There's a few that make me think a little some were so simple it was ridiculous though I love puzzles so this will have to do. Forced rating!!!!! I like the game, but I've been forced to rate this 5 starts to move on!!!

I've rated it 10 times and still they won't let me move on. I found it absolutely absurd that the game forces you to rate it 5 stars in order to continue with the levels. Some stage difficulty is so easy but the other stage is very difficult to solve however it's still fun. The only reason this has so many reviews is because you have to do it to continue playing your game.

The first time I reviewed this it had five stars because I was having fun. Now I can't get past level 65 because it keeps looping me back here to write a review but there the program never acknowledges that the review was written. Its a good game, your brain is really working to solve the puzzle in able to open the door It was addictive Once I open one level I had to get to the next It tools a lot of patience and works mind.. Luv it! Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. Rating Trends. See 1 latest reviews.

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Filip Tusla. Customers Also Bought. Final Escape - Open Doors. Zhang Yuqi. Prison Escape games-the room's secret Escape Challenge Escape the red room games. Add To My Keyword Notepad. Games - Adventure. Games - Trivia. Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. Escape the hotel room eescape Room Escape the secret room 17 eescape Room 2, Prison Escape games-the room's secret 14 li ailing Escape the red room games eescape Room Apps Like Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot.

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