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To fire a bird you simply pull back on the catapult, adjust the trajectory, then release your finger. You can shoot four birds per turn, and if you don't destroy every pig then you'll have to start the level again. There are just 15 levels to play in this free version of Angry Birds, but you'll find more than levels across different worlds in the full game.

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As well as being great fun to play, Angry Birds Free looks the part too. Graphics are colorful and fun, and the bird noises and sound effects are hilarious.

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One of the few criticisms we have of Angry Birds Free is that you're left waiting too long for the level to load again when you retry. Angry Birds Free is enjoyable enough to put a smile on the face of even the most sullen iPhone gamer. Your mission in Angry Birds Free is to destroy all the green pigs by catapulting View full description. CONS Gets very repetitive. The Angry Birds are celebrating their 2nd birthday, but the pigs are crashing the party and it's up to you to save it!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with 3 brand new birthday cake levels! Subway Surfers Flee from the grumpy inspector in this Temple Run-style game.

Angry Birds Space For Apple iPod Touch 4G Review Download Now

Looney Tunes Dash! Run, Bugs Bunny, Run! Fun Run 2 Blast bunnies and blitz bears in this zany running race. Check out our Angry Birds Space review here.

Fans of the Angry Birds franchise, take notice: The new version brings several important changes, most importantly gravity, which will allow players to use nearby planets to perform trick shots on unsuspecting pigs. The game has 60 levels, with more content available through in-app purchases only in the iOS version for now.

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The game includes hidden goodies and secret levels, and Rovio promises regular free updates for the future. Owners of Apple's new iPad will be glad to know that the game supports the new Retina display as well. You can get the iPhone version here. The iPad version is available here , and the Android version is available over at Google Play. Each new section takes form of a planet.

This one reminds us a little of Hoth, and is probably where the new Ice Cube bird will come into play. The birds' slingshot is hardly in a fixed position in this game.

Angry Birds Space For Apple iPhone 4S Review Download Now

Each puzzle varies on what angles you can attack it from. Even if these planets are small, they still enact some forces of gravity on your birds. Players have to think about the best way to launch each one.