Twitter app notifications not working ios 6

As a result of this, our personal and professional life suffers a great deal.

How to get push notifications for a user tweets on Twitter for iPhone on iOS 7 - Ask Different

If you are also experiencing iPhone notifications not working error, do not panic because we have for you the best techniques to get rid of this strange issue. Given below are 7 quick fixes for push notifications iPhone not working. Let us move on to know more about them. There is no better way to fix iOS issues than to just restart your iDevice. Don't believe it? Try it out. Turning off your iPhone stops all operations running in the background. Many of these are initiated by the software itself and can cause your device to malfunction.

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  • 7 Quick Fixes for Notifications Not Working on iPhone;

When you switch off your iPhone and turn it back on or when you hard reset your iPhone, it boots up normally and starts afresh. You may refer to this article to know more about force restarting your iPhone. If your iPhone is on Silent Mode, push notifications iPhone not working is bound to happen.

How to Fix Twitter Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Toggle the Silent Mode button on the side of your iPhone and see if the orange strip appears as shown below. If the orange strip is visible, it means your iPhone is on Silent Mode because of which iPhone notifications not working.

7 quick fixes for push notifications

Just toggle the button towards the other side to put your iPhone in General Mode to start receiving all push notifications once again. Many-a-times, users put their iPhone on Silent Mode and forget about it. For all such iOS users out there, this tip will be useful for you before moving on to the other solutions. We are all aware of the fact that iOS updates are launched by Apple to introduce new and better features for your iDevices and to fix bugs which may cause issues like iPhone notifications not working.

Check whether or not Do Not Disturb is activated.

Twitter Push Notifications Not Working On iPhone, iPad, Android? Here’s The Fix

With this feature, you can turn off notifications and calls when you want with the exception of receiving calls from selected, favorite contacts. However, sometimes this feature, if turned on unknowingly or by mistake, can cause notifications not working on iPhone. When you see the moon like icon appear at the top of the Home Screen, it means that this feature is activated.

You can also check whether your notifications are turned on in the app or not. To check this, follow the steps mentioned below. Step 2: Click on the Settings gear in front of your profile and tap on Settings option. Step 4: Here you will see the list of notifications access. Check whether it is turned on or not. If it is turned off, you can simply turn it on to get the notifications.

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You are all done. If you have already enabled the notifications, turn it off and turn it on again. It will hopefully work for you.

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  • Twitter Push Notifications Not Working On iPhone, iPad, Android? Here’s The Fix.
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  • Twitter Notifications not Working on iPhone? Here is a Fix.
  • Setup & Configuration.

Top This Week on UnlockBoot. In some cases, notifications for particular applications do not appropriately function. For checking the application notifications, follow these steps:. This program is an easy resolution for your entire needs. It aids in supplying apt solutions to numerous concerns faced by iPhone users.

On the outset, you must download and install iMyfone Fixppo the trial copy on the PC.

You need to choose the standard mode, after which the platform would inquire for you to select between Recovery or DFU modes. Step 2: Release your wake key and maintain the hold on the home button of your device. As the program automatically detects your attached device, it will exhibit the newest firmware, which you can download. After the step is completed, you can turn on your device easily.

7 quick fixes for push notifications

These ways can be applied every time you face any such issue on your device. You need not have any prior technical know-how for being able to make use of this program. Most conveniently, this efficient tool is applicable on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. Last updated Jan 8, PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: PART 4: PART 5: