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Fri 29 Jun. Sat 30 Jun. Well, let me test this and I might get the pro version. Wed 4 Jul.

How to: Calibrate Nokia N97's compass within three seconds

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Applications: Ovi Maps (on the Nokia N97) : My Nokia Blog -

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Mon 16 Jun. Mon 7 Sep. Abdul Majeed wrote Hurray for hardware standards, though. It charges over the same microUSB port that plugs into your computer, not the little tiny peehole that's been Nokia standard for a million years.

2. Nokia Maps Loader (3.0)

A standard 3. Overall, as much there is wrong internally, there's a lot to like in the hardware—it'd be total win with a faster processor and more brilliant screen, since the battery seems more than up to the task. Software I don't even know where to start the hate parade I want to unleash on S60 5th edition. And when legacy sorry, mature software runs into a crappy half-assed UI, it's a steaming pile of suck on a slab of garbage toast. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to shove Android onto it. Since I have nothing nice to say, let's keep this part short.

Nokia's instinct to widgetize the homescreen, giving you access to messaging, maps, the browser, Facebook or whatever else you want is a good one, and one of the few non-terrible things about the user interface. But even its visual feel is dated and worn, like someone dragged into the present tied to the back of a battered and rusted pickup truck. Yuck visual elements abound—in landscape mode, there's a fairly persistent right-side dock of buttons, that steal screen real estate for no discernible reason at times.

And inconsistency seems to be the rule. Some stuff you double tap to activate, other stuff you single tap. There's a list in the manual detailing which is which—I forget. There's no flick scrolling, except for when there is, like in the Ovi Store. The phone's built-in apps are solid, mostly, with the exception of the default email program download Nokia Messaging 1.

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The interface isn't as easy to use, like to zoom, but hey, it does Flash Lite, so suck on that everybody. The browser's back button serves up thumbnails of previously visited websites you can zip through, a desperately needed touch of form and function on this phone. Nokia Maps, if you want more than the basics—namely pedestrian or voice-guided navigation—you get a three-month trial before you have to pay up for a subscription. That said, it's feature rich, with a compass, multiple map modes like 3D, traffic info and points of interest, though not as easy to use to pick and use as Google Maps on other platforms.

I handed it and an iPhone off to a friend in my car while navigating deep into the wastelands of Alabama, and Google Maps proved much easier for them to deal with, despite their intense dislike for all things Apple. It's pre-crammed with a buttload of mostly excellent third party apps as well: Qik in particular is fantastic—I set up an account and was livestreaming video within a minute of popping open the app.

That's fortunate, because the Ovi Store manages to have the worst mobile app store interface I've seen yet. And it's "stuff," not apps, since Nokia hawks a melange of goods at Ovi, from wallpapers to ringtones to apps, often jumbling them all on a single page.

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Speaking of Ovi, the desktop suite, also named Ovi, didn't fall far from the Ovi tree—it's a natural disaster that's not a single app for managing your phone, but a handful of distinct apps that intersect in the actual "suite" launcher application. Imagine iTunes, then its remarkably confusing total opposite, ontologically speaking. And I'm not even getting into the Ovi online services, which are distinct from Nokia's other offerings, so I wound up creating two wholly different accounts in the process of getting my N97 totally setup. Conclusion Nokia has to know where it stands.

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At least, assuming somebody actually used the N97 before it went out the door. Symbian S60 5th Edition only makes sense if it's a stopgap keeping Nokia in the game barely until they put out an actual next-generation OS, just like the underwhelming Windows Mobile 6. I'm really hoping for a complete rebuild of Symbian. I am not expecting Nokia to turn to an entirely different OS from a certain Goo-ey company despite recent and retarded rumors. Nokia is married to Symbian for the long haul—after all, they paid nearly half a billion dollars for it. That's the only way I can fathom them releasing something this unusable into a world populated by the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and BlackBerry.

If this really is the best Nokia can do, the giant is doomed to die a slow death, propped up for a while by the cheap handsets that it sells by the tens of millions. The A. Filed to: Review Filed to: Share This Story. Deadspin The Concourse. View on mattbuchanan.