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What Please Explain To Me Thanks For Listening!! Not expecting a whole lot in comparison to their PS4 counterparts I decided to go with FS14 because it was an older free version but I was quite satisfied with the enjoyment of such an addicting game reduced to its fundamentals. This includes the frustrating lack of any available sowing machine upgrade whatsoever.. I imagine at one point it was expected of you to make an in app purchase to get such items but it seems to be no longer supported.

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Regardless I will likely open my wallet and update to the latest version and try not to get busted for playing at work! I have seen many reviews of people saying the game is good and bad but not giving reasons.

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  • Farming Simulator 14 plows onto iOS and Android.

For example i saw some write a review saying the game was horrible over and over again and not giving reasons. This game is a good game considering that its free. You start with everything you need and you work to get better equipment and more fields for an older game its very good. Their are some minor problems like i think it costs to much to buy more fields. But the gameplay and what not is very good.

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I recommend this game and this is a honest comment with good reasons other people saying the game is bad just ignore them you should just try the game and if you dont like it dont play it. Its fine. Take charge of the roads with a big rig!

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Be a chauffeur for the stars in a limo driving simulation adventure! Race through the streets in a game that takes luxury and daring to the next level. See All. Start your agricultural career in Farming Simulator 14 on mobile and tablet!

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Install Google Play App Store. Similar Apps. Whether you're a farming newbie or a total pro, have fun growing your own food and making money by selling crops Harvest hay and make bales that you can use to feed to your animals! Make your cows happy so they'll produce milk Connect with players around the world using Wi-Fi or play with friends nearby using the built-in Bluetooth feature Reviewed by Katelyn on April 17, Positive Reviews.

Negative Reviews. Google Play Start your agricultural career in Farming Simulator 14 on mobile and tablet!

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