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It is suitable for high IQ crowd. You need patience for playing this game as a big part of what you do as a player is to develop your territory and invest in it and that takes time it is similar to Monopoly in that sense. The streets of Mission Hill are as deadly as it gets. Build up your gang from the toughest bunch of ex-cons and wanted crooks roaming the blocks. To survive and thrive in these dangerous neighborhoods you need to take out rival gangs before they get to you first. Hustling and dealing, shooting and stealing is the only way to take these streets. This is an action-packed noir thriller which keeps players on their toes till the end.

A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, hunted by cops and the mob, Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Max Payne is a relentless story-driven game about a man on the edge, fighting to clear his name while struggling to uncover the truth about his slain family amongst a myriad of plot-twists. The groundbreaking original cinematic action-shooter, Max Payne introduced the concept of Bullet Time in video games.

Through its stylish slow-motion gun-play combined with a dark and twisted story, Max Payne has redefined the action-shooter genre. Named one of the best games in the App Store Best of It has gorgeous visuals and a tense atmosphere make for a game that offers plenty of scares and will keep you hooked until the very end.

Survive a haunted asylum and its monstrous Inhabitants. Confront a legendary killer who prowls the abandoned wards.

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Scavenge and create makeshift weapons or conserve your resources and employ stealth tactics to sneak past the lurking horrors. When all else fails, run for your life or find a place to hide. There are many doors, but there is only one way out. This original game is based on classical English detective rules in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes. Everyday someone dies and you need to figure out who is the killer using the logic.

Can you escape the fear house? It will not be easy we assure you! We were also impressed by the graphics in the game. A mystery story wrapped in a fairy-tale plot: Once upon a time in a land far, far away there ruled a wise king and a graceful queen. They had two talented daughters, both born with magic. In thirst for revenge she decided to resort to black magic thinking not of the price. But dark powers are not to be trifled with, and the once glorious kingdom now lies in ruins. Discover the end of that long-forgotten story as you explore a tumbledown castle, avoid its malevolent dwellers and pass through dangerous traps and challenging puzzles to recall who you are.

Behind every big success is a terrible secret. Nancy Boyle, a young woman without a criminal past has been found dead—half-naked—near her home in Brooklyn. At the time of its release, the game became one of the top apps in the UK.

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Try your hand at investigating a murder and bring the killer to justice! Detectives Turino and Lamonte have been assigned to a new investigative unit: Special Enquiry Detail. Their first case is the shocking death of the daughter of two charity fundraisers. So the list of suspects is growing. With pressure from the captain and the mayor to solve the case quickly, the two detectives must uncover the trail that leads to the murderer. You will help with forensics, investigate the clues and suspects to find the murderer and unveil the secrets and deceptions of those involved!

The Crime Scenes: Hidden Unknown is an exciting Hidden object game. Insecure city populated with the gangsters and swindlers is in hand of A Group of the crime investigations. You have to become a leader of A Group and try to puzzle tens of mysteries; to get over the difficulties and expose the criminals.

Getting the biggest scoop of her career was never so hard for one intrepid reporter. How could a simple news story turn into a police investigation. The media were all smiles as the royal couple set off on their honeymoon trip. Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straightforward assignment — a quick stopover to handle the sale of an old automaton factory hidden in the Alpine valleys, then straight back home to the US.

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Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down. Your weapon is your knowledge. Your wits will be put to the ultimate test! The player embodies the famous Hercule Poirot in a 3rd person perspective adventure game packed with mysteries. Your intelligence will never have been so challenged! You will have to explore many crime scenes in various cities set in beautiful surroundings across the United Kingdom.

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to cross examinations and deadly puzzles! Having searched Eastern and Western Europe for a massing heir, Kate Walker finally completed her long and arduous journey, obtaining the signature of Hans Voralberg and closing the automaton factory buyout. Mission accomplished? Not for this sophisticated New York lawyer.

An unlikely pair, young Kate Walker and old, eccentric Hans Voralberg now set off on a journey together: The surreal quest Hans began alone several years ago will come to a final close as he and Kate face obstacles far more dangerous than ever before, testing their courage and determination. More than just a story, you will use your wits to follow Sherlock from Victorian high society to the seedy underworld of gaslight London. Solve a murder case in this whodunit adventure game. This feels like a nice brain teaser and will keep a player occupied for at least few hours till the end.

Detective Grimoire is a charming and mysterious adventure, featuring a variety of strange and unique interactions with the bizarre residents of the swamp, a compelling and challenging murder mystery to solve, and an original award nominated soundtrack. This is a brilliant text game: Reminiscent of text adventures and interactive fiction, it has a unique mechanic centered around the concept of censorship. Censorship is frustrating, but the human spirit can beat that frustration by turning it into a game. The film noir stealth game.

Calvino Noir is the exploratory, sneaking adventure through the s European criminal underworld. Architecture meets Noir as you become unwillingly entangled in a revolutionist plot. Acts 2 and 3 are available as in-app purchases. Inspired by the futuristic dystopian visions of Deus Ex and Blade Runner. Play as a disparate group of last-chancers as they fight for the future of a city sliding slowly into the gutter. Some are broken souls, some are merely damaged — all are fighting to forge a future in an ugly world ruled by those whose hearts are cruel and dark.

He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her? Solve puzzles, explore fully 3d environments, interact with numerous characters and solve the mystery. Lost Echo is a modern, story driven, visually ambitious, intuitive, sci-fi mystery adventure game. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used to work for. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a man called Delta-Six wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Without knowing where to turn or who to trust, he vows to escape before he loses his identity completely. As fate brings these two closer together, we discover a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a quest for redemption can change the fate of a whole galaxy.

He is a devout man with a problem — membership is down and he lacks the funds to keep his synagogue open. Things are looking very bleak, and he has grown progressively more cynical and bitter with the passage of time.

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Just as he is on the verge of quitting, he receives some intriguing news. An estranged member of his congregation has died and left the rabbi a significant amount of money. A blessing? Or the start of something far more sinister? Can Rabbi Stone just accept the money and move on, or will his conscience get the better of him?

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Step into his shoes as he travels all over Manhattan in his attempt to uncover the truth. Features rabbinical conversation methods, a unique method of fighting, a haunting score, and three different endings depending on your moral choices. With the aid of the wise-cracking Joey Mallone, the family spirit guide, she sets out on a quest to lay to rest the ghosts of New York City.

But is Joey as well-intentioned as he claims? And why is her family bonded to him, generation after generation? The Detail, a crime noir adventure in a modern American city. Controlling the actions of a bitter veteran detective investigating a brutal gangland murder and a reformed criminal trying to protect his family, the player is forced to make tough choices and deal with the resulting consequences of those moral dilemmas. The gameplay focuses on branching narrative mixed with interactive comics, and is completed by a professional audio track.

This is city where cases matter, clearance rates matter, and on a good day even justice matters.

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  • This is one of our favorite games. Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the paranormal, in the most thrilling first person adventure of the year! Is each case you solve part of a bigger puzzle? Could it all be part of an intricate conspiracy? The truth may just be more shocking than the otherworldly forces you face.

    Use your wits and instincts in this heart-pounding psychological thriller — the crime scene awaits. Take on the role of Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past, in this intense adventure game as she follows the trail of four different serial killers, and a series of clues left for someone with her specific ability. How do they know her secret, and what do they want from her? The Hangman. July, With Europe on the brink of war, the luxurious Orient Express departs Paris for Constantinople, plunging American doctor Robert Cath into a maelstrom of treachery, romance, and international intrigue.

    The Last Express is a complete, faithful version of the internationally-acclaimed PC classic. When you awaken as a spirit, you realize you have no recollection of who you are. Thus begins your search for the answers to these questions: Operation X is an exciting online multiplayer game in which you slip into the role of an international agent. This free RPG offers exciting time, fighting and skill based missions. Improve your abilities while playing Operation X, rise up in levels and improve your equipment.

    On top of that, you can use training fights to compete with other players and climb up the ranks to become number one. Team up with friends or other agents to fight crime together or to compete with other agent teams in team fights. This is an amazing game.

    Become A Detective with Best Hidden Object Games on iOS

    After your car mysteriously crashes in the forest, you find shelter in an old and sinister mansion. As you explore your surroundings, strange events start to occur around you. Little by little, investigate, gather information and discover what lurks in the dark. We really liked the noir-style graphics in this game. Agent Alice Agent Alice is a fun game with a mix of action and hidden-object challenges. This game is fun, BUT the amount of advertising makes this game annoying. Unless you are willing to invest I just deleted and I won't be reinstalling the game.

    App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Hidden Object Games Free is totally free game for hidden object games lovers. Information Seller Ajaysinh Jadeja. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 4. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English. Price Free.

    App Support. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Search and Find Hidden Objects. Seek and Find Hidden Objects: Little Shop Object. Free Hidden Object Games: Full Moon Mystery.

    Top 10 First Person Adventure Games For Android - Hidden Object Games [puzzle/quest/Adventure] 2017

    Christmas Investigation: Hidden Object games for free. Hidden Objects!!!! Hidden Objects Ghost Town Time.