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In fact, Google will do a test first to make sure your BlackBerry model is compatible with Google Maps before trying to go forward with the installation. Note that while Google Maps software is free, you may incur data charges in using it to access maps. Your mobile service provider can provide more information about specific charges. Many companies offer an unlimited monthly data plan, and that may be the cheapest way to go if you access the Internet frequently from your BlackBerry. Maybe you'd like to try an interactive demo before you download Google Maps. You'll be able to search for locations or directions and see search results, maps and satellite images as they would appear on your BlackBerry's screen.

Maps & GPS for BlackBerry

If your company offers the BlackBerry Enterprise edition of Google Maps, you'll be able to use all of its features without downloading directly to your corporate BlackBerry device. Instead, your company's information technology administrator will install the application remotely to your BlackBerry. When the Enterprise edition is updated several times a year, the administrator will send these upgrades directly to your BlackBerry. If you want to know more about installing the Enterprise edition for your company as a whole, visit the Google Maps Web site. Once you have Google Maps downloaded onto your BlackBerry, you'll want to start using it.

Keep reading to find out more about its features. Newer BlackBerry models, such as the Pearl, Curve and models, have a built-in global positioning system GPS that you can use to pinpoint your location.

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But if you have an older model with a color display or later , you can use Google Maps' "My Location" feature to show your location without GPS. How does it work?

Mobile towers have individual coverage areas called cells. Google associates information such as anonymous GPS readings with the cells to create a database of cell locations. Then various algorithms are applied to approximate a Blackberry user's location related to the nearest cells. To get started, use the phone's GPS to find your exact location and show your surroundings. BlackBerry Maps allows you to search for streets, cities, countries and establishments cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants The truth is that we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of places included, some with phone numbers too.

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In addition to using maps, BlackBerry Maps works as a browser. Enter the destination address and the app will show you how far away it is, the estimated time it will take by car or motorcycle and the route.

Google Maps for Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

If you hit Start , a three-dimension map opens with spoken directions. Like a GPS. From the My Places tab, you can access your favorite places, so if you've searched before it is very easy access.

Also, you can add the address of your home and work and they will be saved. Despite displaying traffic information if desired , BlackBerry Maps is lame in terms of extra options.

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We miss being able to add options by the type of information, such as traffic, Restaurant, POI, etc It is easy to use. BlackBerry Maps menu is very well structured.

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To access the setup menu, drag your finger down from the top. Navigation is smooth and all options are available. BlackBerry Maps has a night mode that dims the light and is perfect if you use it as a GPS while driving at night.

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As is common in apps for BlackBerry 10, it is clear that BlackBerry has taken a leap in quality. BlackBerry Maps is no exception. However, there are some options missing that are present in competing products , such as the possibility of obtaining itineraries with the written, steps rather than pure and simple navigation. In addition, we miss the extra options, public transport information and information about street numbers, for example.