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To read email messages using the preview pane Make sure the preview pane is activated. Email account settings To remove an email account from your device From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Email. Press , then tap Settings. Select the account you want to remove. To change the inbox check frequency From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Email. Tap a song to play it. Separate subscription required. Additional terms and conditions apply. To add an artist, album or a song to a playlist, touch and hold the name of the artist or the title of the album or song.

Enter a name for the playlist and tap OK. Tap an item to open it, then work on it as desired. If desired, add a comment in the comments field. PC that runs the Windows operating system. Go to www. For example, you can browse and listen to FM radio stations and save them as favourites. You must connect a wired headset or headphones to your device before you can use the radio. This is because the headset or headphones act as an antenna.

To switch the radio sound to the speaker When the radio is open, press. Tap Play in speaker. To switch the sound back to the wired headset or headphones, press and tap Play in headphones. To record a video using the camera key Activate the camera. To stop recording, press the camera key again.

To record a video by tapping the screen Activate the camera. The camera selects which face to focus on. The face selected appears inside a coloured frame and the photo is taken automatically.

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AR effect You can apply AR augmented reality effects to your photos and make them more fun. This setting lets you integrate 3D scenes into your photos as you take them. Just select the scene you want and adjust its position in the viewfinder. Timeshift burst The camera takes a burst of 61 photos in a window of two seconds — Data storage You can choose to save your data either to a removable SD card or to your device's internal storage.

Internal storage Photos or videos are saved on the device memory. SD card Photos or videos are saved on the SD card. White balance This function adjusts the colour balance according to the lighting conditions. Suitable for photos you want to view on widescreen displays. This setting is only available in Manual capturing mode. Self-timer With the self-timer you can take a photo without holding the device.

Xperia™ Z1 User guide – Sony Xperia™ Z1 support (English)

Use this function to take self-portraits, or group photos where everyone can be in the photo. Sets the ISO sensitivity to Metering This function automatically determines a well-balanced exposure by measuring the amount of light striking the image you want to capture. Use this setting when the background is brighter than the subject. This removes unwanted dark shadows. Red-eye reduction Reduces the red colour of eyes when taking a photo. The flash is turned off. Sometimes photo quality can be better without the flash, even if lighting conditions are poor. Single autofocus The camera automatically focuses on the selected subject.

Continuous autofocus is on. Face detection The camera automatically detects up to five human faces, indicated by frames on the screen. The camera automatically focuses on the nearest face. You can also select which face to focus on by tapping it on the screen. All photos and videos are displayed in a chronologically ordered grid. View photos and videos in the Pictures tab View photos and videos in the My albums tab View menu options Select the music and theme that you want to use for the slideshow, then tap.

To work with batches of photos or videos in Album When viewing thumbnails of photos and videos in Album, tap , then tap Select items. Tap the items that you want to work with. Selected items are indicated by a blue frame. To save a copy of the edited photo, tap Save. View all photos and videos saved to your device's internal storage View your photos in globe mode View your photos on a map View all photos and videos saved to the removable memory card 10 View all photos with faces The PlayMemories online service is not available in all countries or regions.

Search a location on the map. View menu options. Double tap to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out.


Drag to view different parts of the map. Tap an item to view it in full screen. If several photos were taken at the same location, only one of them appears on the map. Sony Entertainment Network account, then you can use that account instead. To get started with Video Unlimited From your Home screen, tap , then find and tap Tap , then tap Media server. To turn on the Share media function, drag the slider. From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Album. When sharing data with another device using NFC, refer to the User guide of the other device for more information.

To share a contact with another device using NFC Make sure that both devices have the NFC function turned on, and that both screens are active. To open the tag, tap it. When establishing this kind of connection, refer to the User guide of the compatible device for more information. Your device and a list of available Bluetooth devices appear. Drag the status bar downwards, then tap Find and tap Bluetooth. Apple computer. Using a USB cable, connect your device to an Apple computer. To mirror the screen of your device on a TV screen TV: Follow the instructions in the User guide for your TV to turn on the screen mirroring function.

Your device: Tap Turn on Screen mirroring and select a device. Smart Connect downloads any necessary applications and also finds third-party applications, when available. Previously connected devices show in a list that allows you to get more information about the features of each device. You can then analyse your performance and see how you can improve. Synchronising data on your device About synchronising data on your device You can sync contacts, email, calendar events, and other information with your device from multiple email accounts, synchronisation services and other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications installed on your device.

Synchronising your device with other information sources is an easy and practical way to stay up to date. Enter your corporate email address and password. Tap Next. Select the account that you want to remove. Press , then tap Remove account. Tap Remove account again to confirm. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar About the calendar Your device has a calendar for managing your time schedule.

To set the calendar view From your Home screen, tap , then find and tap Calendar. Tap Time and adjust the time by scrolling up and down. Tap Set. If desired, edit other alarm settings. Tap Done. Tap the alarm you want to edit. Mark the Vibrate checkbox. The vibrate feature is enabled by default when you create a new alarm.

Both options are activated by default when you enable location services. Sony does not warrant the accuracy of any location services including but not limited to navigational services. To enable location services Drag the status bar downwards, then tap Tap Location services.

Before taking trips, you can download and save maps to your memory card to avoid high roaming costs. You may incur data connection charges when you connect to the Internet from your device. You should keep a copy of this number. If your device is stolen, your network provider can use your IMEI number to stop the device from accessing the network in your country. It is very important that you remember your screen unlock pattern, PIN or password. If you forget this information, it may not be possible to restore important data such as contacts and messages.

Refer to Sony customer support for more information. Follow the instructions in your device. To unlock the screen using a screen unlock pattern Activate the screen. Draw your screen unlock pattern. If the unlock pattern you draw on the screen is rejected five times in a row, you must wait 30 seconds and then try again.

Help us improve our software You can enable the sending of usage info from your device so that Sony Mobile can receive anonymous bug reports and statistics that help improve our software. None of the information gathered includes personal data. Finding your device There are several ways to find and protect your device if you ever lose it. Improving battery time using Low battery mode Use the Low battery mode feature to automatically start saving power when the battery reaches a certain charge level. You can set and readjust this charge level as desired. This can prevent damaging the memory card or losing data stored on the memory card.

Formatting the memory card You can format the memory card in your device, for example, to free up memory. This means that you erase all data on the card. Tap Back up. Tap the bar under Where to store data. Select the destination to which you want to back up your content. This action is sometimes necessary if your device stops functioning properly. To force the device to shut down Detach the cover of the micro SIM card slot.

Using the tip of a pen or a similar object, press and hold down the OFF button until the device shuts down. Important information Important information leaflet Before you use your device, please read the Important information leaflet provided in the Setup guide in your device or in the box. Sony be liable in any way for your improper use of additional content or other third party content.

Sony Xperia Z1 User Manaul/Guide

This User guide may reference services or applications provided by third parties. Use of such programming or services may require separate registration with the third party provider and may be subject to additional terms of use.

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Page of Go. Page 83 - Managing video content Page 84 - Connectivity Page 85 - Playing files on a digital media rendere Page 95 - Connecting your device in a car using Mi Page 96 - Using your device as a fitness hub with User guide Xperia. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Previous page. Next page. Sony C User Manual pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Contents Getting started Page 3 Airplane mode Page 5 Synchronising data on your device Page 6: Page 7: Page 8 Inserting the micro SIM card into the device without the SIM card holder could damage your micro SIM card or your device, and Sony Mobile does not warrant and will not be responsible for any damage caused by such action. Page 9: Page Application Screen Application screen The Application screen, which you open from the Home screen, contains the applications that come pre-installed on your device as well as applications that you download.

Navigating Applications Navigating applications You can navigate between applications using the navigation keys, the small apps bar and the recently used applications window, which lets you switch easily between all recently used applications. Widgets To download a small app From the small apps bar, tap , then tap and tap Search for the small app that you want to download, then follow the instructions to download it and complete the installation.

Shortcuts And Folders To resize a widget Touch and hold a widget until it magnifies and the device vibrates, then release the widget. Background And Themes To add a shortcut to your Home screen Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates and the customisation menu appears. Taking A Screenshot To set a Home screen theme Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates.

Sharing your mobile data connection. Controlling data usage. Selecting mobile networks. Virtual private networks VPNs. Synchronising data on your device Synchronising with online accounts. Basic settings Accessing settings.

Sound, ringtone and volume. SIM card protection. Screen settings. Screen lock.

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Unlocking your device automatically. Language settings. Date and time. Enhancing the sound output. Multiple user accounts. Typing text On-screen keyboard. Entering text using voice input. Editing text. Personalising the on-screen keyboard. Calling Making calls. Receiving calls. Ongoing calls. Using the call log. Forwarding calls. Restricting calls. Multiple calls. Conference calls. Emergency calls. Contacts Transferring contacts. Searching and viewing contacts.

Adding and editing contacts. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Favourites and groups. Sending contact information. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Backing up contacts. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Organising your messages. Calling from a message. Messaging settings. Instant messaging and video chat. Email Setting up email. Sending and receiving email messages.

Organising your email messages. Email account settings. Music Transferring music to your device. Music home screen menu. Sharing music. Enhancing the sound. FM radio Listening to the radio. Favourite radio channels. Sound settings. Camera Taking photos and recording videos. Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. General camera settings. Still camera settings. Video camera settings. Photos and videos in Album Viewing photos and videos.

Sharing and managing photos and videos. Editing photos with the Photo editor application.

Sony Xperia Z1

Editing videos with the Movie Creator application. Hiding photos and videos. Album home screen menu. Viewing your photos on a map. Videos Watching videos in the Video application. Transferring video content to your device. Managing video content. Movie Creator. Connectivity Mirroring the screen of your device on a TV using a cable. Mirroring the screen of your device wirelessly on a TV.