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When can I download it?

One of the bigger visual changes is within the recently used apps switcher. The Notes app now supports drawing and photo insertion, though only if you use an iCloud account to sync them. Apple Maps also has public-transport directions, but is still not as good as rivals Google Maps or Citymapper. The Apple keyboard is also much easier to use now that the keys are not always capped up.

iOS 9 review: an upgrade to jump for, or skip?

The keyboard will also display cut, paste and text formatting keys in some apps, which are useful — although the iPhone often needs to be in landscape orientation for them to show up. Two-finger cursor control is also available, which uses the keyboard as a giant trackpad; I found it more trouble than it was worth.

Siri tracks your usage and learns when you might want an app or to contact a particular person. Perhaps you call your mum every Sunday at , or use Google Maps on your commute home. Showing me the Music app when I plug in a set of headphones was vaguely useful. It will likely get better the longer you use it.

Apple iOS Release: Should You Upgrade?

My interactions with Siri in general seemed improved. I still find it awkward, as a Briton, talking to an inanimate object.

Cards, public transport and a better keyboard

That will improve as apps get updated. The big change in iOS 9 for the iPad is the introduction of true multitasking. Handy, but common to TVs since the s.

Apple iOS 12.0.1 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Slide Over also allows quick access to another app such as Twitter while in Safari, for instance. Each app can be given more or less of the screen with a slider in the middle. Apple iOS 12 Apple.

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This means the iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and 6th generation iPod touch or later. If your device is compatible you should be prompted automatically to upgrade. Apple iOS Every iOS update varies in size it depends on your device and which version of iOS you are upgrading from.

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  • Jailbreakers, yes all five of you still doing this, iOS At the current rate of progress, however, that could be months. As for early issues, yes there are a few. The potentially embarrassing iMessages bug still lingers , along with Bluetooth connectivity issues both finding devices and holding a connection 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5.

    As for battery life, yes there are some complaints 1 , 2 , 3 but before you jump the gun wait for reindexing to finish. Of these, charging was by far the biggest problem and it seems to be working for most if not all affected users. The same can be said about the Bluetooth and WiFi fixes which the complaints above show are not a slam dunk.

    Less welcome is iOS But more time is needed to assess this as Apple often includes fixes which it chooses not to list aka draw attention to in the release notes.