Jquery mobile button icons not working

And the documentation isn't very clear about dependencies. Do you have a compelling reason for a custom build? I'd start with a custom download where you don't omit anything, and remove stuff you don't want until it breaks.

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Should I post on the following github or is there a github specific to jquery mobile custom? My app is way too slow using iscrollview.

jQuery Mobile Lesson 5

I've tried to use jquery mobile custom and removed sliders, panels and a few others which I don't actually need and it is much more fluid without them. That's why I'm so interested in getting a working version of the custom build. The custom download I'm using is the full version "select all" on all components to ensure that it's not something I've unselected which creates the problem.

It's not an image related issue, but a problem with the auto-enhance-links-in-toolbars-as-buttons feature. This has to do with the different order of the JS in a custom build compared to the full version.

So this is a bug we have to fix. Leave a comment on jaspermdegroot's reply. Hi uGoMobile. I use jquery mobile 1. But the image on the left top wasn't showing. Leave a comment on leander's reply. Building a custom version of jQuery Mobile that omits some features is unlikely to make any measurable improvement in performance of the widgets that are left in. All you are doing is removing code that is never used. Removing code that is never used can't possibly improve the performance of the code that remains. It will only improve the load time of the.

If you are having performance issues with listviews, don't use listviews. The listview is the poorest-performing widget in jQuery Mobile. It's not hard at all to just create your own simple list with it's own CSS. And then you get to make it look any way you'd like, too boot. I have to say that it appears the developers have been listening to what people have been doing to work-around performance issues, and incorporated the same ideas into 1.

The negative is that 1. Whyy not showing icon in my phone web browser.

jQuery Mobile Buttons Icons

This usually happens when you've updated your project to a new version of jQuery Mobile, and you've forgotten to update the icon files. They aren't the same in every version. Where is new icons 1. Good morning, My question is this, I am using jquery in my app the following: I also have files with their respective sizes 18 and Because I understand that are generic and should not be touching the frameworks, right?

JQUERY Mobile : 4/6 Specifying Custom Button Icons

Forgive the ignorance but I 'm new at this. A greeting and thanks. After several tests I got the icon of the buttons to show me: D What happens if you also , I commented how I solved. The folder where I had stored the images was: I thought the script was not good and he took pictures Renaming the folder already shown me! For other buttons, like buttons in list views and forms, you must use the data-icon attribute.

This will be explained in a later chapter. You can specify one of four values for where the icon should be positioned in the button: By default, all icons have a gray circle disc around them. To remove the circle, add the "ui-nodisc-icon" class to the element or its container:. By default, all icons are white. To change the icon color to black, add the "ui-alt-icon" to the element or its container:. Add the "ui-nodisc-icon" class to a container An example of the "ui-nodisc-icon" class added to a container.

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Adding Icons to jQuery Mobile Buttons

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