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A total of 7 Home Screens are supported. App drawer options such as folder creation also available for home screens , app uninstallation, app hiding, new drawer page creation etc. Apps can be sorted alphabetically, and viewed as a list or a custom grid. The Accuweather widget could have used a slightly more appealing interface here but nonetheless, it looks good enough. Home Android.

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Get daily tips in your inbox. Or what if your home screen displayed a steady stream of news stories and calendar appointments? Last but not least, a new launcher can be a breath of fresh air for your smartphone. One Launcher from one BJ has been inspired by the latest version of the iOS operating system from Apple, bringing its aesthetic sensibilities and general usability principles to Android users.

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Just like on Apple devices, all your icons are placed directly on the home screen, instead of being hidden inside an app drawer. You can still organize icons into folders, but you can also keep everything as it is. The latter option is great for people who use only a limited number of apps to accomplish everything they need. The creators of the launcher have spent a lot of effort trying to optimize it for maximum performance and low memory consumption.

Their effort is apparent every time you switch from one home screen to another, or when you look at how many megabytes of memory you have left for other apps. Best of all, the launcher is available for free and runs on all Android devices version 2. With almost 50,, downloads and 4.

6 Best Galaxy Note 4 Launchers

The concept is simple: The result is a product with almost universal appeal. Power users will appreciate the endless customizability offered by Nova Launcher, and casuals will be happy with the fact that the launcher is not forcing anything down their throats, allowing them to explore new features at their own pace.

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What features are we talking about? Some are paid, but most are available for free.

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To make your new icons with well with the rest of the launcher, Nova gives you control over the appearance of labels, folders, drawer tabs, scrolling effects, and icon and widget positioning. When you are finally done and have everything exactly the way you want, you can backup your layout and launcher settings. This can save you a lot of time when you need to restore them in the future — perhaps after a switch to a different ROM or complete data wipe.

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After you spend a few minutes exploring everything that the launcher has to offer, it becomes almost hard to believe that it is only 4MB large. Best of all, its memory footprint is equally minuscule, making the launcher fast and responsive.

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The focus here is simplicity. The interface is clean, easy-to-navigate, and access to all commonly used features is available with a few taps.


Beyond the usual assortment of features, such as customizable themes, wallpapers, folders, and others, are Hola features — small applications with a lot of power. Hola Shina is a smart menu that opens when you swipe from a bottom corner. It gives you a quick and simple access to frequently used apps and settings.