Can i flash my sprint iphone 4s to straight talk

Then i have to google for the solution and tried code and it worked right away. I am having the same problem. Bought a Sprint iPhone. Trying to switch to straighttalk and inline it shows my number and that I have an account but my phone wont activate. Hi Ralee, Try resetting your phone. Let me know how it goes. I too am a sprint customer but with an iPhone 5c. My iphone has a sim card slot with a nano sim, but mine is a CDMA. So I am unsure what that is all about.

On the activation kit, it says it includes nano, micro, and traditional Sim…. Bob, I had some issues getting my iPhone 4s activated. I finally got it activated but the gave my a new number and I wanted to port my old number. It appears that they are working on that but I was told that, because I the phone I bought was a sprint phone, I would only have service from sprint towers.

I went to straight talk because I thought that they used all of the towers. Hi bill, Straight talk does use the att, tmobile, verizom and sprint networks but not interchangeably. When you signup you are on one of the networks, usually depending on what the of phone you are using.

Your sprint phone will only work on the sprint network. Hi I have been using straight talk for a while now no problems what so ever….. I suspect you may have a sprint phone. My understanding is the activation sequence for ST sprint phones is So you could try dialing that. Hi thanks for the reply tried both still same message when making call or putting activation sequence code in was just on the phone for an hour again they said they reactivated the phone and tried different cell tower after they completed that they gave me same code you did same message think im about to give up its third day now still same results error 16 switch unless any other suggestions im giving up thanks again for the reply and help.

I did a search for the error 16 and found this. Looks like a problem on the Sprint side http: Best to call before noon, otherwise it starts rolling over to the offshore call centers. Hi Bob I was just about to send you another message then i saw your reply about backing up my data and funny thats exactly what i was going to tell you i did….. Hi Dustin, I am glad to hear you were able to get the phone working. Thank you for taking the time to come back and share. You are correct in that your comments will help the next reader that comes along with the same problem.

Hi Francisco No. Francisco, I also have a iPhone 4s, however I do have a Sim card tray on my phone and there is a Sim card from Sprint in it currently. I am not sure if some card has to be in the phone. But when I went to straight talk no Sim card from their company was required. But I left my Sprint card in.

So I did a little research, it turns out the SIM is in place so that the phone can roam on to other networks, especially, internationally.

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On the back of my phone it says Model A I am currently using Straight Talk now. Now that you brought that up. Thanks Bob!! The issue is that your iPhone 4s may be SIM locked. You can call Sprint and ask them. You can ask them if they can unlock it for international use. Bob, before my contract with Sprint ended I called to try to unlock The phone.

They would not budge. They kept on asking me why. I just told him and I wanted to get a new phone and I was going to give this phone to my child. And my husband called and tried to get it unlocked and said that he was traveling. Finally I did my research and saw that straight talk might be able to do it. I also thought I would have to throw away my iPhone 4S in the garbage because it would only work on Sprint glad I found another alternative.

Hi Sable, This raises an interesting question. Is your phone now unlocked? All we really know if that Straight Talk and Sprint let you register your iPhone on the Sprint network. It used to be the case, that Sprint would SIM unlock their phones only for international use.

Then they even stopped doing that. You would have to try a SIM in the phone to know for sure. You could also ask an employee in the Sprint store, they might tell you the details. Yesterday I spoke with straight talk — and they informed me I should have service by 2pm — 2pm came and went. It was still staying your account cannot be validated. I was getting a bit concerned being that I was already disconnected and cancelled with sprint. I had no phone service for over a day. I kept calling and chatting via internet with the support group. I found support via typing was easier as most of the support people had a accent and my hearing to began with is not so great.

Anyway they informed to wait a few more hours. I did around 10pm I contacted support and told them I still had no service. They informed me everything seemed to be fine on there end and I should have service. I actually spoke to someone who was going to walk me through something else I might try. He wanted me to reset my phone to factory settings. I questioned him and asked if I do this will I lose all my contacts and important information in my phone. He informed me yes. I have never synced my phone with my computer and really had no clue how to do this. I thought it might be a good idea.

My husband helped me with this process.

The following morning I said lets do it. We reset the phone to factory settings and I was praying that my contacts at least would be backed up …. We tried calling my cell phone with the house line and it RANG!!!! It worked. I then plugged in my iphone and tried to restore my contacts and mail etc… Seems my contacts came back along with all my mail mailboxes….

I could always download them again. My concern was mostly my email addresses and phone numbers!! I know people have been asking if a iphone 4s from sprint could switch to another network. I guess it can. I think the only reason is because Straight talk uses sprint towers. I feel Straight Talk should have better directions. As of yet I have not received one piece of email welcoming to the service. Good Luck Sable.

Hi Sable, This is wonderful news. I am so happy to hear that your phone is finally working. I bet if you had done a reset all settings on your phone it would have done the same as a factory reset. It sounds like it might be best to account for 24 hours of downtime during the transfer and number port. Many people report issues with MMS, and its a good idea to trey and get them resolved as early as possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and the results here on smartphonematters. I really appreciate it when readers take the time time to share. It helps all the other people who come to the site looking for help and information.

You are going to save so much money too, totally awesome!

Keep it and save money on your wireless plan.

Here is a update. I started this process yesterday. As of Today — I lost my phone service from sprint. I have no phone service at all cry … shows my sprint name in the upper left corner with a o next to it meaning I have no service. I contacted straight talk stating my phone has no service I tried entering the as they originally told me to do. Says my phone is not validated. They informed me it was still being ported over. To try again at 2pm today. I hope this works. I hate being without a phone. I know a lot of people are wanting to know if you can use a iphone 4s from sprint on this network.

I started this process yesterday at My fingers and toes are crossed that it will work. From what I have heard and know, sprint runs on its own network, and if you have a sprint phone, it can only be used on sprint. Just throwing my two cents out there. Therefore if you run into problems, you eliminate a huge factor which could be causing a problem- your phone.

Your calling and texts should work, but not data and mms. I went to a bigger town and everything worked because they have more variety and official towers in bigger cities than my 10, population city. Sable left a comment saying her port is underway. I hope it goes well for her. Hello Bob — Thanks for your reply. When I received your email I was currently on the phone with a straight talk rep. I answered all the questions like what is the MEID number in in sprint phone etc….

Seemed all was good cause it took my credit card information and processed it. It seemed now via there system they can give me network access …. However it brought me to a screen that said Activation. I had no clue what they meant as this page was asking me for numbers on a red card.

I decided to call the phone support number and get a live operator. I was still a sprint customer trying to move over. All I knew at this point is I had network access with no other information or confirmation number as I never received a email stating this or anything other then it was processed on the screen. After 3 attempts in reaching a operator I finally had someone and I tried to explain how I had a cdma phone and am a sprint customer.

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I told her I answered the questions regarding my cdma phone and was billed How can I move over from sprint to their network. Can she help me?? She then informed me it can take 3 hours or up to 2 days for the transfer, but I should have service until the switch. She mentioned when I no longer have my sprint Banner name in the upper left corner of my phone I need to do something on my phone to activate the straight talk network. I need to enter a series of numbers staring with and ending with.

But I will let you know if it works. I know a lot of people are interested in knowing if it can be done. I hope it works?? Fingers crossed. Sable, This is good news. Sounds like you made progress. The red card. When I do it says my account cannot be validated to contact customer service msg 5 ???? For what company??? Sprint or Straight Talk?? I contacted Straight talk and they told me I had to call sprint and tell them to deactivate the account. They informed me they show the account cancelled already. I also tried logging on via website to my sprint account I was able to and my device was gone from the menu.

I assume it was done. However straight talk tells me they still have not deactivated it??? Oh no!!! I have no phone service now. Still says sprint in the upper left corner.

Switching to Straight Talk: Which Cell Phones Are Compatible?

When do I use step. I have not done that yet?? Thanks for your help …. Your email address will not be published. Do Not Send Email Notifications. Bob Thompson August 23, at 3: Kevin June 29, at Bob Thompson June 29, at 1: Bob Thompson March 5, at 4: Darrell December 7, at Bob Thompson December 7, at Bob Thompson January 28, at 8: Bob Thompson June 15, at 7: Christy December 2, at 4: Bob Thompson December 2, at 5: Anthony Emery November 17, at Bob Thompson November 18, at 6: Liciaa November 17, at 3: Bob Thompson November 17, at 7: Give these things a try and let me know how it goes.

Jamie November 16, at Bob Thompson November 16, at 6: Joseph November 11, at 8: Bob Thompson November 11, at Hi Joseph, Glad to hear you got your phone working. Lindsey November 10, at 9: Please help! Bob Thompson November 10, at Hi Lindsey, Not sure what the issue is. Lindsey November 13, at 5: Lindsey November 14, at 7: So this is getting ridiculous. Bob Thompson November 14, at 8: Sometimes straight talk and sprint need to work out the issue. Lindsey November 14, at 9: Thanks Bob, I will try to do that between working. I will keep you updated on how it goes. Lindsey November 14, at Bob Thompson November 15, at Chad October 24, at Thank you.

Bob Thompson October 25, at 6: Chad October 25, at 8: Bob Thompson November 2, at 1: Markesia October 20, at 3: Bob Thompson October 20, at 7: Todd October 13, at Bob Thompson October 14, at 7: Todd October 14, at 2: Bob Thompson October 14, at 5: Tyler September 22, at 9: Bob Thompson September 23, at 8: Carlenna Miles September 19, at 4: Bob Thompson September 19, at Matt September 19, at 4: Bob Thompson September 20, at 2: Bob Thompson September 18, at I got iPhone 4 with sprintbhow to get it unlocked use on straight talk.

Bob Thompson September 5, at Hi Annie, Was there something in the article that was not clear? Chris September 9, at 1: Bob Thompson September 9, at 8: Let me know if you want to discuss futher. Bob Thompson September 4, at Tonya August 22, at 9: Bob Thompson August 22, at 2: Tonya August 22, at Thank you so much for answering me and the condolence!!!

Kirra August 18, at 5: Thank you! Bob Thompson August 19, at 8: Tori West August 29, at 9: Bob Thompson September 1, at 8: MJ August 11, at 1: Bob Thompson August 12, at 8: Bob Thompson September 1, at 9: Bob Thompson August 8, at 1: Nikki July 18, at 5: Bob Thompson July 20, at Matt July 14, at Bob Thompson July 15, at 7: Try activating the phone by dialing Alyssia May 17, at Bob Thompson May 18, at 9: AC July 11, at 1: Bob Thompson July 13, at 3: Hi AC, Do you still want to try to fix it? Ashley July 9, at 5: Bob Thompson July 10, at 8: Are you going to transfer your phone number?

Jasmine July 2, at Bob Thompson July 3, at 1: Hi Jasmine, Did you dial to activate the phone? Jasmine July 3, at 2: Thank you bob! It worked your a lifesaver lol. Bob Thompson July 6, at Kaitlyne August 18, at 8: Bob Thompson August 19, at 7: Angela R Higdon September 7, at 7: Jasmine June 26, at Bob Thompson June 27, at 8: Jasmine July 3, at Bob Thompson June 21, at 1: Hi shakeria, No. The dealer will charge you a fee. I have never done this myself. David June 18, at Bob Thompson June 18, at 6: Give it a try. David June 18, at 6: David June 19, at Woops spoke too soon. Woke up today to a deactivated phone and still no service.

Bob Thompson June 24, at 3: May I ask you how much money you are saving by switching both phone to Straight Talk? Shad June 27, at 4: Bob Thompson June 29, at 8: Ralee Crisp July 10, at Bob Thompson July 11, at 9: Tiffany June 15, at 1: Hi, I too am a sprint customer but with an iPhone 5c. Leave a comment! Sign In or Register. I had such a frustrating day on the phone with Straight Talk today.

I bought a new unlocked Verizon phone that is compatible with every other service provider, but StraightTalk wouldn't let me use any sim card other than Verizon. I didn't want Verizon because their service is not good in my area, but they left me no choice. Any suggestions?

December 6, Hello, I have an I phone 6 that was on sprint network. The contract has been meant and I payed sprint for the phone. The phone has been unlocked after calling sprint and waiting 2 days. Wanted to get straight talk but they told me phone model was not compatible. I had a friend that had an I phone 5 he bought from straight talk with a straight talk chip. We took the chip from his phone and put it in my iPhone 6. It worked great was able to get the Internet and call out get and send text. I went to wal Mart and they told me oh ya if the phone is unlock then it will work so I bought the 70 dollar chip set.

Now straight talk will not activate the phone because they say yes the phone is compatible but not eligible. I just don't understand what's going on the phone will work with our chip but they won't activate it because They say it's not eligible what a crock. November 16, I have not seen the online chat service in quite some time.

That was much easier than trying to communicate with customer service wherever they are based - not in the US. You will invalidate the simcard number, then have to call customer service, and wait for them to send you a replacement. Back when they had the online chat, you could just type them all the info and they would instantly get everything set up. Verbally, it takes days, if at all, to get connected. I loved ST for many yrs for me, but hated trying to get 3 family members actually moved over with their existing numbers.

May 5, From LG slider, to Moto e, iphones, etc. PTEL and Republic here. Just averaged past 6 months. Of course, this is pay as you go for PTEL. So, it takes about a year or so to get a good feel of how it all averages out. If so, I might consider it. October 22, I really like Straight Talk. It's cheap, and it works well for me. I bought a Google Nexus 5 phone 18 months ago, and have been using Straight Talk since then.

Switching to Straight Talk: Which Cell Phones Are Compatible?

Some have complained about customer service I've never had to call, so it doesn't bother me. If you're signing up for a two-year contract, do the math: October 19, Actually, 2 of the 3 lines can make indefinite hours of talk, either via WiFi or data.. October 15, This topic should be.. Sorry, but this is a BAD and way old tip article With basic research you can save a small fortune on cellphone service with straight talk. I have not hit the bottle necked 5GB limit in the two years i have had the service, for that matter my little sister never has either.

We both purchased carrier locked ATT iPhones. Just order the correct sim card kit. It's not rocket science, but you do need to pay attention. Actually we helped my grandma order an iphone 5 to set up on straight talk when she was tired of ATT's high prices. We shipped the phone and sim activation kit to her house and grandma set everything up without asking for help or telling us she was doing so. The problem with bringing your own phone to straight talk is that it is meant for people who have the capacity to ask the right questions and conduct research.

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  • Now that it’s legal, here’s how to unlock your phone on all four U.S. carriers!

If you don't want that initial time investment there are better pay as you go options that hold your hand through the transition process. You can choose any of the big four. Make sure your "world phone" really works with the carrier you choose. Also make sure the carrier you choose has good coverage where you want to use it. First - yes this can be a great way to get cell service and save money. Second - a correction. In most cases your phone does NOT have to be carrier unlocked.

If you are using the phone on the same underlying network e. Third - note that StraightTalk is one of several brands operated by AmericanMovil. It has good prices for unlimited plans.