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iPhones/iPads/iPods: How to Change Auto Lock Screen Timeout (iOS 7,8,9,10)

Ask Question. Ben Brocka Ben Brocka 7 10 Specifically it looks like it dims 15 seconds before the screen turns off entirely from my extremely limited testing. Add this line to your piece of code in App Delegate after didFinishLaunching. This is not Stack Overflow, nor is this question about code. Mr Phil Mr Phil 6 1.

How to Time the Background Light on an iPhone

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See How to Answer on how to provide a quality answer. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In iOS 11, that option has disappeared. Auto Brightness is usually a great iOS feature, especially on the iPhone, which accompanies you indoors and out.

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If you ever switched it off on your iPhone, then tried to switch it back on again in full sunlight, with the screen brightness at an invisible minimum, then you will appreciate the automatic convenience. It also saves battery by dimming the screen when appropriate.

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  • But on the iPad, which is more often used indoors, perhaps never even leaving your home, Auto Brightness can be a pain. Usually, the algorithms governing the changes are great, balancing the ambient light with the settings you chose manually. But sometimes you just need to take control.

    Top Screen Dimmer Apps for iPhone

    Just toggle the setting and get back full control of your brightness settings. Given that this is something that you may change quite often, the relegation of this setting is pretty annoying.

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    • I have lived without it all through the iOS 11 beta period because I thought it had been removed. Last night I finally got so sick of the erratic screen backlight that I hunted the setting down instead of looking at cat GIFs on Twitter.