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Looks like the makers of this App have done quite a bit of work since I first downloaded it a while back. Spent some time researching apps when I got my iPad, rather than downloading the first I came across, and after some consideration picked this one for its beautiful simplicity, and the video that demonstrated the custom screen was what sealed it for me.

Its so much easier to show prospective clients on the iPad than carting the laptop around, it really makes an impression. I am guessing this is only import from dropbox and not sync…. The good old slash screen, do you not hate when you can not compose a great slash screen. Stop being a web killer and just make a splash. Thanks Scott! This looks very promising. Just bought it! To way too cool! Thanks Scott. Very cool app, Scott. I did look at the FAQ section and they mentioned the pinch gesture to go back to the home screen. Hi John: Looks great but since we can alway wish for more and are never satisfied.

It would be pretty cool to export the portfolio back into the apps store so others could download it ;-. Just want to add my thanks for the share. Looks like a great app and I am going to give it a try. That sounds really awesome.

Using an iPad as a Photography Portfolio

Preferably an App that supports Hebrew apart from English. Is 72 ok, does it even matter on a screen as this is generally for prints?

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Little confused. Hi Scott…..

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  4. ‎Foliobook Photo Portfolio on the App Store.

I also checked out Portfolio Pro…. Scott, I love the App, but I cannot figure out how to put my logo on the splash screen. Looked promising but I am having huge problems importing from Dropbox. Hangs after loading photos and import must be restarted. This is very slow since there seems to be no way to compare dropbox folder with Foliobook gallery. Hey Scott, to go back from a gallery to the splash page, if you tap on the screen you get the controls, and depending on the style you chose it may appear in different places.

One of the controls is the extract option twitter or email and the other one is a arrow to the left, this will take you to the previous screen. Just about to go purchase this App, but I was wondering if your opinion had changed or if you were still using it….

I read you and think about a commercial use. May I add product information and link on each picture in this folio which could offer me a new gate to create traffic and sell my printed Ts. Thanks for this Scott, been researching these for quite a while, and your recommendation tipped me over the edge. Will download and setup when I get in tonight. Does anyone know if this app allows for the creation of galleries that can be easily turned off yet stored, thereby allowing customized presentations for different viewers?

Hey Scott I can perhaps answer your last question in regards to a iPad bag. Check out Crumpler, they have just released a beautiful little bag and you can fit all the bits that you need with the iPad without it looking bulky. So new I just saw it in store yesterday.

5 Best Portfolio Apps for the iPad - Steve's Digicams

I have been looking for an App to present my portfolio that you for the tip, you have saved me hrs of looking! I have a need to load photos named alpha style like my computer. Then search the photo alphabetically, by name, click and display the photos of flowers. Can this be done with this app?

Mobile Artist Portfolio Profiles

Qbdaylilygardens aol. Hi Scott. Do you know if there is another app or a way to have your portfolio be the only app on the Ipad? So if I mail it out to a client as a portfolio; the viewer will turn it on and only be able to see and use Folio? Super APP! I was trying to find something exactly as this, a way to create a kind of presentation on the iPad with my portfolio, without any third-party logos or buttons, with a super-minimalistic look like this, thanks! Content can be hyperlinked and layout can be designed to fit the look of your business in both portrait and landscape mode.

When creating a portfolio, up to images can be imported at a time and either a still image or a video can be used as the custom splash screen with the added option of an overlaid company logo. Users can choose from 70 different font styles along with varied text color and transparency as well as supplied background textures and motion graphics.

Included are four types of transitions as well as the ability to email an image to a client directly from the portfolio with or without copyright information. For users of Photoshelter, FolioBook is now integrated with the popular image hosting website for greater ease of syncing images and modifying a portfolio. More information can be found here: FolioBook now integrated with Photoshelter. PadFolios Version 2. Creator, Juan Pablo Mazuera set out to develop not only a versatile portfolio application for photographers and graphic designers, but a presentation interface that can be put to use by just about anyone.

iPad Photography App: Portfolio for iPad: Adorama Photography TV

A resident of Columbia, Juan is a 27 year-old graphic designer and photographer who found the iPad lacking that perfect app to showcase his images, so he created one and called it PadFolio. One of the few portfolio applications that works on both the iPad and iPhone, Padfolio is completely customizable with the added option of creating up to 30 different portfolios, each with their own look and containing up to images per gallery.

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  6. 5 Best Portfolio Apps for the iPad.

During the portfolio creation process, the application automatically saves your work so there is no need to worry about remembering to save as you go and if you choose to remove photos from your device library, it will not remove them from the application. The customizable splash screen can be locked in order to prevent a client from accessing user tools and any file type that can currently be used on an iPad can also be imported into the application. Currently version 2. Portfolio for iPad Version 3. Besides having the ability to import images through iTunes, this application can also sync with a Dropbox account for greater versatility and ease of updating.

The uniquely designed splash screen and galleries can be locked as well as shared on multiple iPads. The application is compatible with most types of media including still images, video and audio and allows use of either pre-designed themes or completely customized layouts featuring your business attributes.

Viewers can either manually scroll through images or use an automated slideshow complete with background music if so desired and view a portfolio in both landscape and portrait mode. MediaPad Pro Version 2. If you plan on showcasing multiple types of media, MediaPad Pro may be the best choice for you. Designed for use by photographers, videographers, designers, directors and anyone else looking to share a portfolio, this application boasts having support for the most diverse types of files.

After your content has been imported through iTunes, MediaPad Pro allows for adding personal and business information to a customized splash screen or your choice of one of five different background images included within the application. When creating your presentation, you can choose any color scheme from the supplied color palate as well as fonts, transitions and adjustable timing to better coincide with any supplied background music.

What sets this application apart from most others is the ability to offer a guestbook allowing you to increase future business potential. Minimal Folio Version 1. Minimal Folio is just as it sounds, a basic portfolio application without too many bells and whistles void of an automated slideshow and music. While this can present itself to be a good thing, absolute customization of your portfolio to reflect your business look may be a deal-breaking compromise. Despite its minimalist approach, the application will allow syncing through Dropbox and will accept most image files as well as.

PDF and video files. Users can manage multiple portfolios and like most of these types of applications, lock the device to prevent viewers from accessing the underlying management tools. An additional. XtraFolio Version 2. Another versatile, yet pricey portfolio application is Xtrafolio. Triple tapping the screen toggles you in and out of editing mode on both screens. To add images to both the homescreen slideshow and the galleries, you have to triple tap the screen, and import photos from Dropbox, Flickr or your iPad, into the app.

You can import entire sets or folders in one go, or selectively import images. Importing photos from Flickr and Dropbox is flawless, but when importing from the iPad itself, the feature tends to be a little buggy. When it comes to individual galleries, you can triple tap the screen to edit photo titles and descriptions, drag and drop images to rearrange their order and add more images. Clients can flip through gallery images by simply swiping the screen. Best of all, the app works offline, meaning you can use it in client meetings, without having to worry about an Internet connection.

Portfolio Pro is pretty customizable, and comes with quite an extensive list of settings. It comes with several different themes, and you can can also change the font and app colours to suit your own personal taste.