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I picked one of these on sale, to be honest, it got the best browser on tablets, android and iOS included. Its the closest I have seen to a full desktop browser. Apps still very limited and that suck but still surprised to see a few big name titles showing up. Its been a perfect companion to my travel needs, where I need good battery life, small size and an excellent browser. It needs native skype to make it perfect for my needs, so I will go short of calling it excellent. Did anyone get X to build on QNX yet? Oh wait. It isn't open source any longer.

Or it was, then it wasn't, now it is, or is it? Why would you have to root it to maintain it?

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It's the platform RIM is moving all of its product line to over the next years. Others are in progress. Not sure where this is coming from. I must be confusing it with openqnx [openqnx. Does it still require a Blackberry phone for email apps and the like? I'd hold off purchasing one until February 4th as that's when they'll probably cut the price again.

It's light years beyond Android and iOS. That half-baked bullshit was because it shipped without native email and for good reason, as far as business clients were concerned. Everyone who's ever bought a playbook has had email from day one. Get real. Enjoy your half-baked, bug-ridden, insecure Android tablet. Call me when. These are baby steps, but I can see the logic. You reckon?

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I know four people now who have bought the playbooks since Future Shop here in Canada started discounting. And none of them are techies. There seems to be a price-point for tablets, and the RIM discount is pretty much there I think. It's also interesting to hear their opinions - they all love it, but one is complaining about lack of Skype as people on here are. Unfortunately that won't work. No one is jumping on these for that price, If you want to load android apps, you have to install the 2. The side load of android apps is poor. The core google apps don't work at least for me but then again, I didn't really expect them to.

I had it for about 6 hours and just took it back. If you have a BB then you may get somewhere, without, don't even bother. It will end up a glorified browser. The app store is also pretty crap. Android it's free. The number of apps is totally cack.

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There are no ports of android underway etc, so you are stuck with QNX and it seems only the BB fanbois love it. Even the hardware doesn't seem very good. On the loaner I played with, the screen was very readable, but it frequently didn't respond to touches. I suppose it could be a software issue, but it seem to fail more often on certain parts of the screen, so I'm tempted to think it was a hardware issue.

Maybe just a flaky unit, but I would be reluctant to buy it for the hardware even if there was an alternative to QNX for it. When we eval'ed it, a month after release, loading simple, kB PDFs from our website would freeze the entire unit for seconds at a time trying to invoke multitasking and other controls didn't work , and bringing off-screen parts of the page into view frequently wouldn't render.

I've owned a PlayBook since it came out and haven't regretted the purchase, even at full price. The hardware and size are great, the speakers in particular are quite impressive. The screen even works very well outdoors, too. Moreover, I much prefer BlackBerry Bridge to native apps. I love being able to turn off the phone and not have to worry about alarms going off on the tablet. The Bridge integration is great. I had the , e, , and now the The was a terrible phone, but great for everything else.

My next two phones were absolutely amazing. The Storm left some to be desired for their first touchscreen phone. But the is fast, fast, fast. I also ordered a PB when they came out. I'm trying to justify its use for business, but so far I'm struggling. It's difficult to find apps that relate to. I've had few problems with Blackberry phones. The original Bold had a bad mechanical design and build problems, but electronics were excellent. When you lay off all your local BES admins and outsource to a foreign country who's never seen a Blackberry, well, it isn't pretty.

This is the one and only reason I carry an Android phone, and I still miss my Blackberry. Maybe it's just me, but requiring a BlackBerry ID to activate the device is a real turn off to me. And I'm fairly happy with it. We even plugged the iphone into it once to charge it and transfer photos off of it. Haven't tested it with anything but USB keyboard, mouse and mass storage yet. Seems suspicious that they would offer all three models for the same price.

Then again this is RIM. Oh no.

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I told my wife to look out for a cheap 16gb tablet - I better phone her before she orders one. At you have a lot of other options, and they offer either better hardware or better support. This is a bargain only for the 64GB model, otherwise it is actually pretty lame. QNX obviously failed, the only future for these tablets is that Android becomes reasonably stable. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.

Mathematics deals exclusively with the relations of concepts to each other without consideration of their relation to experience. Check out Slashdot on Minds! Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. The site says until February 4, but presumably that's 'or while supplies last. If you'd rather have a tablet made for Android, the original Acer Iconia A may be a better choice at only a few dollars more — but without the capacious internal storage. This discussion has been archived.

No new comments can be posted. More Login. You know what they're doing They can't compete at the higher price points so they're moving to a model where they lose money on every sale but hope to cover it with volume. Very smart, RIM, very smart Share twitter facebook linkedin. This may be what RIM needs to get people to adopt the Playbook and for developers to code for the Playbook. But on and after Christmas, my app was downloaded about X as much. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

It was meant as a joke, hardly an original one at that. No, no, I'm sure your comment was absolutely serious, and, haha, it makes you look goofy. Let's dissect it some more. I mean, you said , "Smart, RIM", and you must have meant 'smart' like in 'hurting from a slap'. So you think that RIM selling this at this price is a slap in the face of consumers, i. That is just silly. What were you thinking? Perhaps he was alluding to the late 's practice of "we'll lose a little money on per-unit sales, but thanks to the Internet magic we'll make it up on volume!

You don't know what they're doing And you do not get a joke when it punched you in the head. Actually if these are already manufactured then they lost the money in This way they get their only BB 10 device currently available out there en mass so developers actually have a reason to still care about them. I decided to pick one up pre-black Friday and have not regretted it. With their first OS 10 handset pushed back to "in the latter [foxbusiness.

I didn't know that Columbia Upstairs Medical College opened a school of business. Where are these people coming from? It's not even that, RIM has written these devices off completely. Firesale pt. II Score: It'll be interesting to see how quickly the 64GB models get snapped up and then resold on eBay I'm poking around with iOS development and looking at Android, hence the Samsung phone.

No need for a third platform to tinker with at the moment, that's why I didn't order. I really don't think RIM will continue with the Playbook much longer, BB10 devices will continue, but I think they'll push hard on their traditionally stronger areas phones. Your address is listed, mine is. We can enter it in our calendars The date has been saved: Woo hoo!

Here, too! After that, you get it. Before, it's mine. Man, all we need now is some awesome Star Trek fight music! No thanks. I've already got a fire sale TouchPad. At least HP had the brains to do that right and generate some buzz. RIM has made missteps along every part of the journey, including this one. Sure, if you want half the RAM of the lowest model, no camera's instead of two, no microphones, no bluetooth, half the processor.

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But hey You think the two devices are equivalent? Compare the specs yourself. Notice what the Fire lacks compared to the most basic of Playbooks. Yes, for a slab that can't even be used to read email Sure SPARC station outperfroms that nettop, but I'd rather have that cheaper nettop and actually use it daily, than have a system that there is hardly anything for. Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and many more apps not available on PlayBook.

Netflix and Hulu are blocked by Netflix and Hulu. There are workarounds to get them to work. Pandora works flawlessly from the browser but I also have the Android client installed and it works as well. You're talking about work arounds and using the web to access stuff that is much easier with an app. Most people don't want to go through all that hassle, especially people with little technical knowledge. People want an easy to use APP that's intuitive and not rely on a web browser for everything, that's why the iPad was so successful. Doesn't mater how good the hardware is, or how much you and a few BB fanboys think of it.

If the Playbook doesn't have the apps that the majority want, it's a waste of money! DOA because it doesn't have Netflix? I beg to differ but that's just plain wrong. When are you gonna stream a Netflix movie? The answer is when your home. Are you really gonna watch a streaming movie home on a small screen tablet when you can watch it on a computer screen or TV screen? I think not unless you're a poor student that can't afford a TV or something like that. Or maybe a kid hiding in a closet from his mom telling him to go to bed.

Just in time for this year's London Film Festival, the BFI has teamed up with American Express for an Android app offering a programme, trailers and ticketing features. It joins the existing iPhone version. Need some new and exciting potato recipes? Who better to turn to than the Potato Council? It's just released an iPhone app with more than recipes, from cottage pie to potato tapas.

A "What's in my Cupboard? Auction house Sotheby's has launched an iPad app that offers the catalogue for November's Important Russian Art sale, with information on items, essays and pinch'n'zoom images. The company says it's a preview for another "dynamic new catalogue app" to come.

BlackBerry PlayBook. US retailer Sak's Fifth Avenue has an official iPad app, enabling shoppers to browse its online catalogue, create wishlists, watch videos and check out the company's calendar of in-store events. Mobile social games developer TeamLava has launched a new episode for its popular Restaurant Story game, with a topically spooky theme in time for Halloween.

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Android Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel Memories of Nirvana are being stirred this year by the 20th anniversary of the band's breakthrough album Nevermind. Concert Calendar Songkick has won plenty of fans on iPhone with its gig-tracking app, but now Bonnier has released something along similar lines for iPad. Couples "Conflicts within couples are inevitable. BlackBerry PlayBook Sak's Fifth Avenue for iPad US retailer Sak's Fifth Avenue has an official iPad app, enabling shoppers to browse its online catalogue, create wishlists, watch videos and check out the company's calendar of in-store events.

Halloween Mobile social games developer TeamLava has launched a new episode for its popular Restaurant Story game, with a topically spooky theme in time for Halloween. Topics Apps Apps blog.