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Losing a Windows Phone can be as devastating as losing a phone running any other productive operating system — with cloud applications installed, it could be as risky as losing a desktop computer. With the Find My Phone option enabled see above , you can launch the retrieval process whenever you lost sight of your device. The first thing you should do is log into www.

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You will then see a map, and the approximate location of your phone will be displayed. Various factors affect the precision of this feature; for instance, if the phone was stolen, it might still be in transit, which makes it tricky to find until it stops moving. Once you know where your phone is geographically, there are three things that you can do to retrieve or disable it.

If your phone is somewhere close by, the sensible approach would be to ring it. This alert also plays at full volume, overriding vibrate mode or low volume settings. Of course, the situation may be more desperate; it could be that your phone is in the hands of someone you do not trust, or has been left in a position where it can easily be found. You will also have the option to ring the phone when it is locked, so that it attracts attention.

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Given that the majority of people are honest, there is a good chance that the device will be spotted, the message read and your Windows Phone will be returned. In short: The final option is, of course, the most devastating. This reverts the handset to factory settings, and will result in the Find My Phone service being unable to track it. Please erase my phone now before proceeding with the Erase button. The Windows Phone tracking app is simple to use, enabling you to quickly find, trace and if necessary, erase your device should it be lost or stolen.

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The rest get resold or reused — while thievery may seem eco-friendly and For the best results with this service, however, you should put yourself in a position of never having to use it. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Microsoft site for find my phone never seems to work, if I have my phone here at home, it finds it no problem, but when I know my wife has it out and about or at work, I always get a message: Same here man i am very disappointed with such service by Microsoft.

I cant find my phone when i actually lost it. It's not working,They must have reload my phone and switched off this app cos each tym i try it,I get try again later as my response. I lost my Nokia Lumia phone yesterday on Friday in the morning half eight am I think ,I had a customer care course so when I got back in the class I realised that it's been gone where I left it in a chair ,I want it back: Pls improve the security of windows phone from using find my phone because some criminal could reset your phone and throw away you sim card and you cant find that phone any where.

Oh yes it does work. My boyfriend lost his phone and I went online and found it. When I went to the house, at first the person did not know what I was talking about, but then I said, "Do I have to break out my laptop to show you that the phone is here? Whatever u have discussed above will be valid when any windows phone is in switched off position or the sim which had been used taken out of the phone.

I got my phone I click on the "Find My Phone", but when it does not open a window function "Always send commands and apps to my phone push notifications not SMS " is only 2 functions: Why my phone does not function "Always send commands and apps to my phone push notifications not SMS. Could you explain further?

What are you doing when this doesn't work? Are you attempting to test Find My Phone?

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  5. Lost mine a few days ago. The thief didn't want to bring it back.

    Enabling The Find My Phone Service

    He kept stalling so I locked it. Less than 20 minutes after I locked it, he brought it back. I have him some change because I forgot the phone in a public place. I have lost my nokia lumia , 2 days ago, this app dnt work a single time This is a great tool.. You should receive a crime report of which you can provide a copy to your network operator. Important tip: IMEI blacklisting is permanent, so please do not consider this if there is a chance your phone has simply fallen down the back of the sofa!

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    This gives you the added piece of mind that if your phone runs out of battery whilst lost, its last known position can be stored in the cloud. Log into www. Then hover your mouse over your username and phone name in the top right corner of the page. As you can see from the screenshot above, I seem to have left my phone at the office! Some great tips from a man who has spent years dealing with these unfortunate occurrences. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Approximately smartphones are stolen in London every day, according to the Metropolitan Police.

    Has anyone seen my phone?

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    What can I do about my lost or stolen phone? Is it possible to find my lost phone? So how do I do it?