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To increase the signal strength, move around, or move towards a window if you are inside a building. End all phone calls. Incoming or outgoing calls interrupt the data transfer. Make sure that the operator mobile data plan subscription allows WiFi tethering and your network operator has enabled internet sharing on the phone. If possible, try to create a connection with some other device or force the connecting device's WiFi adapter to use the Once ready, press OK. Connect again, as internet sharing switches off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

If you cannot connect to any Bluetooth device, restart your phone and check if you have resolved your issue. If not, continue troubleshooting with the steps below:. Connect your Lumia phone to your PC using an USB cable that came in the sales package and then swipe up on your Lumia's screen to unlock it. Normally, when your phone is detected by Windows, it should appear under Portable Devices in Device Manager.

If you do not see your Lumia phone under Portable Devices, then try the following solutions:. You may try another port on your computer, but do not use a USB hub or the ports located on the front of your computer. Also, try another cable, if possible. If your computer does not have Windows Media Player, install the Media Feature Pack for your version of the operating system.

If problem still persists, continue the USB driver troubleshooting with the steps below:. Download and install your Lumia phone driver from the Windows Update Catalog. Restart your phone and make sure that your phone is not in the airplane mode. Check the signal strength on the phone screen, and move to an area with better reception. If you continuously experience low signal strength in a certain area, the mobile network coverage may be insufficient there. With Netradar you can check mobile operator coverage maps. The maps are available at www. Change the network selection mode to automatic.

Ensure that Network selection is set for automatic. Remove any accessory covers or shells from the phone temporarily to check if they affect the signal strength. Check that your SIM card is fully inserted. If you need a SIM card of different size, contact your operator. If the problem persist, remove any kind of protective film or accessory cover to check if it prevents the touch screen working properly. If the previous steps do not help, insert a different operator SIM card into your phone to verify that the phone is working properly.

If no one can hear you on the other end while on the call may likely be due to some microphone issues with your phone. Check these easy steps first:. If you cannot hear anyone but they can hear you, which may likely be due to some internal speaker issues with your phone. If you can connect to internet using your phone's browser but your email does not sync with the server, or if you see an error message, follow these steps:. Restart your phone with a SIM card inserted, and retry sending a multimedia message your phone loads the settings from the SIM card.

If you can connect to the internet but you cannot send multimedia messages, try entering the settings manually. Use your browser, go to account. Signing in to the Microsoft account may fail if the phone date is not correct. It may also fail if the network connection is not working properly or if you are trying to create a new Microsoft account with a live.

You may also be asked to verify your identity before the Microsoft account can be set up. Use your browser, try searching online to find a support article for the error code. If still not able to sign in using your phone, check with browser that you can successfully sign in with your account, or create a new account.

If you manage to sign in but your Microsoft account is not working properly. Check that you have given your birth date correctly in the account settings. If the birth date indicates that you are a child, there are limitations with your Microsoft account. Resetting your phone erases all personal content, including apps, and restores the factory settings. Contact your network operator. Only your network operator can provide the unlock code and instructions on how to use it. If you have forgotten the codes or do not know them, contact your network operator.

Option 1 — Free up internal phone storage. Move the apps that you actively use to your memory SD card, or if your phone does not have a memory card, then you may uninstall apps you no longer want to keep or use:. Backup your photos and videos to OneDrive for easy access from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you have the automatic OneDrive upload enabled, your photos and videos will be uploaded automatically. If not, you can find them using the Photos hub on your phone. If you do not have a SD card or you are not able to free up enough memory by following Option 1 instructions you may consider resetting your phone.

If you are not able to update you phone by following Option 2 instruction you may consider using your computer. Disconnect the charger. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously. Release the pressed keys when phone vibrates. Immediately when the phone vibrates or if the phone is powered off, switch it on then press and hold the volume down key until the phone displays an exclamation mark!

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Release the volume down key. Then press the volume and power keys in the following order: Go through the initial phone setup. If the date and time are shown, ensure the values are correct. If there are any pending app updates in the Store, complete or cancel them. In most cases it is normal for your phone to feel warm, for example, when you are using multiple high-performing apps, listening to music for an extended time, when downloading extensive amounts of data or when your phone is charging. To avoid getting too warm and to protect itself, your phone may automatically slow down, close apps and, if necessary, switch itself off.

Please note that liquid and physical damage are not covered by the warranty. Please reference your limited warranty for additional detailed information. If your phone has a cracked screen or other physical or liquid damage , click here for help from our partners at B2X, a Microsoft authorized customer service provider. Skip to main content. Select Product Version.

All Products. Start up and stability. Battery and charging. Phone calls. Passwords and codes. Software update. Phone screen is cracked. Other problem.

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My Lumia does not start up. My phone does not work or respond as expected. My touch screen is not responding or is responding the wrong way. My phone is getting slow. My camera is not working correctly. My memory card is not working properly. My battery drains out fast.

My phone is not charging. My battery does not get fully charged. Using the Windows Device Recovery Tool will erase all content stored on your phone, including apps and games along with app data and game progress , text messages, call history, music, photos and more. You will be able to restore a backup once the recovery is complete. The recovery process may take some time depending on your internet connection speed, and you cannot use your phone during the installation.

The latest approved version of the software in your phone and model will be installed. Download and install Windows Device Recovery Tool to your computer available for Windows 7, or newer. If possible, make sure that your phone has enough battery power. When the installation has finished, start the application and the main screen will appear.

My phone has problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks. I cannot connect to the internet using a mobile data connection. My Bluetooth connection is not working. The cable connection to my computer does not work. I cannot get a network signal. I cannot make or receive a call. My phone does not recognise my SIM card. I cannot end a call because my phone screen remains black. The person I am calling cannot hear me.

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My phone does not alert me when receiving a call or message. I cannot hear the other person in a call.

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I cannot send or receive email. I cannot send or receive text messages. I cannot send or receive multimedia messages. I have forgotten my Microsoft account password. I cannot add Microsoft account. I have forgotten my phone password. The incoming audio quality is poor when in a call.

I am not receiving audio when playing music or games. I cannot hear through my headset. What if I do not have enough space in my Lumia for the software update? My Lumia stays at the spinning gears. My phone feels warm.

I cannot download or update apps from Store. My phone is physically damaged. Problem not listed in the troubleshooting tool. Remove any kind of protective film or tape from the screen to check if it prevents the touch screen working. If any object is present on the top of the screen, the screen remains black.

Make sure you are not accidentally touching the corners of the screen while holding your phone, as this may result in inaccurate, or unintentional touches. This erases all personal content on your phone and restores the factory settings. To check if you have new software available for your phone do the following: Lumia with Windows Lumia with Windows phone 8: Before installation Make some room.

You may need to have up to 1. Use a Wi-Fi network to download the update and avoid mobile data transmission costs. Offline update is not possible. During installation Go back to settings and start the software update. You are not able to use your phone during the update installation. Follow all the update prompts, and do not worry if your phone restarts several times during the process, that is completely normal.

After installation Make sure you have the latest apps. After the update check is complete, tap Update all. Did this solve your problem? Stop applications from background Long press the back key to see the apps running in the background. Swipe through the app list and tap the X to close the apps that are not needed. When you have finished, tap the menu key to return to the start screen.

Check which apps are running background tasks and block the ones you do not need: Tap on any app to manage it. Within each app, you can select Details and select whether the app is allowed to run in the background Lumia with Windows Phone 8: Tap the link above the app list and select show apps that can run in the background. Apps on SD Card For optimal application performance, if possible, install the application or game into the phone storage instead of the SD card. Storage Sense. Buenas Noches Necesito de su ayuda mi computador esta presentando problemas cuando inicia aparece una pantalla Azul y ahi se queda.

Luego aparece un mensaje que Hay un error y necesita repararlo y ya no me deja entrar. Porfavor ayudenme, ya que necesito entrar al Error pantalla azul 0x Buenas, actualmente en una PC que tengo modelo PC vit estoy presentando el siguiente error de pantalla azul 0x 0x, 0xfc01c, 0xb, 0x La computadora la inicio entra al Windows pero a los minutos se reinicia, da el pantallazo azul, Despues de actualizar mi pc esta muy muy lenta: Como puedo hacer para mejorar esto? Error Code 0xc My windows 10 crashed after recent update.

Shows the following error. Screenshot below. I do not want to loose my data. Kindly provide me a solution. My Laptop with windows 10 randomly crashed while I was playing league of legends. The bsod popped up and the computer restarted.