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Bill Otto, dressed in a jacket and tie, explains in the introduction that the ballcap he wears in the original video — calling opossum "the other dark meat" — is a reference to his own "hillbilly" heritage, not the nation's first black president. Otto, who represents an eastern Kansas district and lives in LeRoy, about 75 miles south of Topeka, posted the video on YouTube last month, but it came down Thursday after a fellow legislator called it as "disturbing" and suggested it was evidence of bigotry.

Otto said his adult daughters took the video down, using his passwords, because they didn't like him being called a racist.

The 'Obama Phone' Program Has Nothing to Do with Obama

Beirich saw Otto's video as part of ongoing criticism of the nation's first black president that is "racially tinged. The flap over Otto's video comes less than two months after U. Lynn Jenkins, another Kansas Republican, remarked in a public forum that the GOP still was looking for "a great white hope.

President-elect Obama's Cell Phone Record Hacked

In his rap, he criticizes Obama over health care, the environment, the economy and Obama's plans to close the prison for terrorist detainees in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The lawmaker says in his new introduction that he's proud the U.

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But he also acknowledged using the word "redneck" could have given some viewers "the wrong mindset. Otto, first elected to the Legislature in , has posted videos on YouTube for about 18 months. Earlier this year, he poked fun at then-Gov.

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  • Where do “Obama phones” come from?.
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  • Kathleen Sebelius' impending departure for Obama's Cabinet with a parody of a country song that ended with the chorus, "You picked a fine time to leave us, Kathleen. Copyright The Associated Press.

    Adam Putnam: Obama campaign gives free cell phones to supporters | PolitiFact

    All rights reserved. And it's one that, if you take the time to actually understand it, you may very well support. Though we can't be positive which government program the woman from the video is referencing without interviewing her, it does appear that she's talking about the FCC's Lifeline Assistance benefit.

    • Just How Racist Is the 'Obama Phone' Video?;
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    • From YouTube Star To Obama Interviewer: Liza Koshy, 22, Is Creating A Digital Media Empire!
    • Owing to the fact that people generally need phones to apply for jobs and enroll their children in school, and elderly citizens need to be able to call their families and emergency services, the government decided in the '80s under Ronald Reagan, no less to institute the Lifeline Assistance program. In , Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act into law, which offered either cell phones or landline services to low-income Americans.

      Today, 38 states, one of which is Ohio, participate in the Lifeline program. If you live in one of those locales and your income is at or below percent of the poverty line, or if you qualify for certain benefit programs like Medicaid and TANF, you can apply for a free cell phone that offers you minutes of talk time per month.

      "FEMA is the one that help you if you say that your flood is in the basement."

      The people who are getting these phones aren't getting iPhones or other smartphones; they're often people in urban or rural areas who are being supplied with basic cell phones so they can call the hospital when they're sick, or receive calls if there's a problem with their child at school. If you're upset that Obama is giving "freeloaders" gratis cell phones paid for with your tax money, don't be. Firstly, Obama had nothing to do with the Lifeline program: Secondly, Lifeline isn't paid for with tax revenues.