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You can use the different productivity apps in Google Drive and see the updates push to the webapp with almost no delay.

Google offers Google Drive apps for free, but syncing between Apple devices requires you to buy multiple versions of the same program on different devices. You can choose which app data to backup to iCloud, but all apps are set to backup by default which can fill your storage quickly. Having data backups for certain apps is great like game data or user settings, but the 5 GB that Apple offers feels very small even compared to the same amount of space that Google offers.

Apple claims having easy backup solutions, but there are issues with what Apple decides what will or will not count against the 5GB of storage. If you have a lot of apps, those 5 GB could be filled quickly without you even realizing it. Windows Phone 8 has the most to prove among the three operating systems. Since the device and OS is an entire step forward from Windows Phone 7.

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Android 4. If you use a lot of Google services, 4.

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It felt more like a smaller update to improve features already on the device. Each operating system offers something for each different kind of user. Android is still the best for people who enjoy customization and iOS is great for those who are used to the experience. Releasing alongside Windows 8 and highlighting the connectivity between each OS, Microsoft has an uphill battle convincing users to switch from Android or iOS.

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Link Copied! View all comments. Next story How Instagram decides which photos to show you first. From what we've seen so far including hands-on time with iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 , we like the latest 'do.

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A lot. While some new behaviors go along with the updated apps, iOS 7's changes are more cosmetic and iterative than they are groundbreaking. That's completely understandable; not every update can spark a revolution. However, apart from a few notable innovations, iOS 7 doesn't seem like it's enough to overturn criticism that its growth has stalled, that it's less innovative than archrival Android, and that it borrows heavily from other competitors in truth, they all steal ideas from each other. At least not at this point in the game.

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Below, you'll find a list of the iOS 7 features that Apple focused on today , and next to that, a brief description of how that trait exists on Android , Windows Phone , and BlackBerry rivals or at least one manufacturer's take on said platform. Read on below for more detail about how iOS 7 stacks up. What's new versus deja vu? During the WWDC keynote and when we met with Apple later on, the company seemed most proud of the way its new Control Center will affect users' lives.

I agree that it looks fantastic, and that its execution proves foresight and finesse. The same goes for other new features like the larger preview panes in the multitasking mode, a unified browser search bar, and for peer-to-peer sharing via AirDrop although NFC, which Apple doesn't currently support, works well, too. That said, there's a lot in iOS 7 that we've seen before in other mobile platforms, in similar if not identical forms. Rumors are doing the rounds that the next version of Android will also be supporting the low end devices.

In recent Android OS version, Jellybean 4. Android 4. Windows Phone 8. BlackBerry Nokia Music too is a free service but only is limited to Windows Phones.

Android 4.2 vs iOS 6 vs Windows Phone 8

OS 7 today makes a big splash when it comes to its refined interface design and a smaller splash when it comes to its new feature set. Do let us know your thoughts on which one is your current favorite OS in the comments section below. Reply Report. I have developed some wallpapers pack and icon packs. You can try them. One of the best Wallpaper pack is AmoledWalls.