Best android handheld game system

It can hook up to your TV as well, so you can use the 8-bit graphics to really put that 4K big-screen to the test.

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It even has a built-in microphone for Skype calls, so you can tell yourself it's for business. It offers surprisingly good graphics and audio for a handheld machine to go with one of the of the best controllers you'll find in this category. It should be noted that some games can make learning fun — and almost all games can buy you a few precious hours of peace.

The LeapFrog Leapster is great for younger kids, teaching them things like math, science, geography and, most importantly, playing quietly. The New Nintendo 3DS XL boasts a big screen, enhanced control options, and rapid processing power that fuels new functionalities, making it a step up over its predecessors.

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It has built-in amiibo compatibility as well, so you can port your characters over from the Wii U. The Sony PlayStation Vita is the ultimate gaming device for the modern era, combining extraordinary gameplay and crisp visuals with a super-connected broadband platform for streaming and more.

It even lets you play games remotely from your PS3 and PS4 consoles. The Nintendo Switch is a blast whether you're at home or on the road, as it can be played as a docked console or a handheld device.

Nintendo 2DS

It's fun for the whole family and durable enough to handle the abuse that little ones will undoubtedly throw at it. A few years ago I was standing in line at the post office not something I would recommend doing without a good book on hand , and I caught myself observing the behavior of a child in front of me.

Gaming On-the-Go Has Never Been Better

He had navigated from the home screen all the way through to the point of sale on his own. As technology grows, it also uses the most basic pattern recognition infrastructure of the human brain to inspire its design, pushing to be as easy-to-use as possible, particularly for children. And getting sucked into that world from a young age can pose a number of dangers, especially as services like Facebook and WeChat in China seek to fulfill all of our needs — from social interaction to gaming — on a single platform.

In this day and age, the social media landscape is particularly toxic for children and teens, as cyber bullying and trolling allow for unparalleled and anonymous cruelty to rain down at a moments notice on the most innocent of youths.

Top 5 Best Android Gaming Tablets And Handheld Android Game Consoles

According to several surveys, anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of high-school-aged children report having been bullied online at some point in their lives. Considering the fact that bullying victims are often recalcitrant about their experiences, this number may be even higher. If you want to provide your children with a fun and engaging way to stay entertained while they join you out in the world, there are few better things you can get them than a handheld gaming system.

Some devices do connect to internet marketplaces and other online exchanges, but these are almost always divorced from the social media landscape.

Best handheld console: Take your games anywhere with these great handheld consoles | Expert Reviews

Handheld gaming systems come in a lot of different styles. The easiest way that you can make sure you get your child the right handheld system is to survey the landscape. Make note of the brand name of whichever one they use most. Another important part of the survey is to see what their friends are playing.

3 Best Android Handheld Game Consoles

The bonus in this case is that once they both have the same system, they can share and trade games, saving both sets of parents money on expensive title purchases. One last thing to consider is the age of your child. Some systems are better known for producing more violent games than others. If you want to protect you children from that kind of exposure, you should opt for a game system targeted at a younger set. Nintendo is a great example of a brand that keeps it games — even the ones that contain mild violence — friendly for all ages without seeming lame to more mature players.

The most important thing anyone needs to enjoy a gaming system of any kind is a suite of games. Wikipad 7-Inch Gaming Tablet: It has a quad-core 1. Wikipad 7-Inch Gaming Tablet. Archos GamePad: The Archos GamePad looks very sleek and stylish. Archos GamePad. JXD SB: But fortunately there are some good options available for these hardware consoles and you can choose the Android based games consoles you think is the best handheld. Following are some pretty impressive gaming devices, having controls perfectly suitable for a seasoned game geek.

Check out: With 2 Mp camera, 1 GHz processor, large display and elegant design makes it one of the best handheld consoles. This device never let you feel the need of buying any other handheld game again as you can play all other handhelds consoles games too via emulators.

Its joysticks are highly comfortable for your thumb and finger even after playing for hours you would not feel any discomfort of fingers.

Tlex Ulike Android Handheld Console Review - Tlex Alpha One - Unboxing

A really Amazing and reliable console that can support games of any advanced level graphic game because of being specifically designed for the games. Also read: Because for moving into any particular direction makes it really difficult to do it without two proper joysticks. Whereas Quad core processor never let the game gets slow, no matter how high-profile it is.