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The newer HTC One is arguably the best smartphone yet in terms of hardware, but its software moves considerably farther away from the stock Android experience.

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Even more so from HTC's own Sense. So you're new to Counter Strike Source and you want to improve your gameplay? You've come to the right place. Do not confuse this with NOOB. A "new This video demonstrates how to make a basic Jeopardy game in Microsoft PowerPoint. First, choose a background color by clicking Format on the top bar menu. Select Background and choose the color you wish to have. Making your own circuit boards can be a daunting challenge. You have to design a schematic, test it on a breadboard, design the board layout, and then after all of that, you still have to print and etch a board!

Luckily, we have Fritzing. Fritzing is a free open-source PCB d There's a lot of great features to check out and play around with. After messing around with it on my iPhone 4 for a few minutes, these seven additions caught my attention. Check them out below—and tell us what y Localizing a game is a task many do not fully understand. Not only do localizers have to translate the games they work on into a different language, but they have to translate it into a different culture as well.

Oftentimes art assets, plot elements, and menu systems are chang You can chug up to the top, working hard, never letting up, or you can just go part way up and scoot around the side of the mountain and still get to the other side.

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Not everyone needs to be a Photoshop guru, or ninja pixel punisher. Tomorrow's the 1st of April which means it's the one day of the year you can put aside the daily grind, and go at it Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert style. Yes, there are easy apps to do your dirty work, but if you're old school and you like to do it the old fashioned way, here But some people choose their own way and decide to have something bigger! What is it?

Its a websi There is a new interface for customizing your farmer! Just click on them on your farm and you can change their look. There will also be a small icon on the left of a face in a duck costume you can click. This new layout was added to help showcase the new costumes and clothes!

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First go to your word press admin and click on "custom file editor" in thesis options. Because of warning, we need to do it via ftp. So go to that ftp path which is showing in the video and ope Facebook Fan Pages have become extremely popular and are being used by everyone from large companies like Coca Cola and Ford Motors all the way down to people's pets. So how do we make the most of these fan pages and get our brand out the best that we can?

Custom Landing Page It's been a long time. The console HD gaming era started with the 's release in Until now, the only true kart game to be released till this year was, believe it or not, Burger King's Pocketbike Racer released in November Five years of HD console gaming and that In this video, we learn how to create a picture frame on a photo using PhotoShop.

First, open up the program and open the picture that you want to change. Next, select the rectangular marquee tool from the toolbar on the side. Now, create a selection of what you want to frame. First, create a new document in Google Docs. First, click on the drop down menu for style. Type in a title in the document. Select heading 2 in the menu and type in the section title. This video shows you how to make a title intro with iMovie and keynote.

Step one is to open up keynote. The resolution for the videos should be in HD. The next thing to do is to type in the text that you are going to use.

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Change the font and the color to suite the style yo First of all open an image which shows many different lights in a night background. Now make a new layer now set the color of background to black by first and the foreground color set to white. Next se This tutorial will show you how to set up your college essay using MLA style formatting in Microsoft Word.

Follow these steps to set up MLA style formatting: Open a new document and change your margins to 1". Set your font to 12 point Times New Roman.

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Set the header by typing This video will show you have to make a glass bar in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a great program for manipulating photo and adding interesting effects to your pictures. Step 1 Select the round rectangle tool from Stories are everywhere in social media today, but that wasn't always the case. In , Snapchat introduced the world to these temporary windows into our daily lives. Since then, stories have infiltrated other popular apps. However, to stand out, you can't solely rely on the a These days, using Reddit on your iPhone is just as good, if not better, than Redditing on a desktop browser.

While there's an official Reddit app for iOS, there are plenty of third-party clients that have similar features as well as custom perks to enhance the experience. In a way, Twitter is the town square of our era, where people can share and discuss ideas on a wide variety of topics. While the tech giant has its own app for Android, it's pretty bare-bones when it comes to features. This has paved the way for third-party clients that are ri The upcoming release, which should be known as Android 10 codename Android Q , has already leaked, giving us a good idea of what to expe The iPhone's notification system has drastically improved over the years, but it could still use some work.

The notifications, while useful, are all monochrome, making it hard to distinguish which app posted each alert, and that's not even mentioning the drab overall look. Expressing yourself during chats is much easier these days thanks to the steady rise of emoji. Now, products like emoji Minis for Gboard are taking the craft to an interesting yet familiar new level. With emoji Minis, you can automatically create stickers based off your own fa The Pixel 3 runs stock Android, so you might think that since you've used an Android device before, you should know your way around the new phone by default.

But Google has actually added several great Pixel-exclusive software features to its flagships, and not all of them are As an Android user, I'm sure you've heard the word once or twice. According to Kaspersky, 7. Rooting allows you to remove barriers and open Android to a level of unprecedented contro Cases and stickers are always great, but they aren't the only way to customize an iPhone.

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The software on your device is full of customization options, from a better-looking home screen and cooler lock screen wallpapers to app icon changes and a system-wide dark mode. When I review apps, I'll oftentimes end up downloading at least one or two "bad" apps that either lied about their functionality or were riddled with ads. These apps, while not as harmful as malware, can still be a major headache. This got me thinking about the other bad apps We've rounded up all the big picture items and secret features and changes we c Welcome to the first annual Next Reality 30, our list of people who've made the biggest impact on the augmented reality space in the last 12 months — and what a month roller-coaster ride it's been.

Since getting our hands on the Magic Leap One last week, we've been methodically delving into each feature and reporting our findings step-by-step. Compatible devices: Aneesoft Free Nokia Video Converter 2. Aneesoft Free nokia Video Converter is an all-in-one and professional converter for you to enjoy the multimedia on all nokia mobile phone.

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It can convert all vi Aneesoft Corporation. Nokia Video Converter 1. Nokia Video Converter. Vippie Mobile Symbian - software client for Symbian based phones e. Vippie Mobile for Symbian is a sip software client for symbian based mobile This nokia X6 Video Converter KingConvert Inc. KingConvert Nokia Video Converter 5. This nokia Video Con This nokia C3 Video Converter Aimersoft Nokia Media Converter 1.

This nokia X2 Video Converter NetQin Communication Master 2. NetQin Communication Master is a powerful management product for mobile phones. Support Symbian S60 3nd: NetQin Mobile Inc. This nokia N8 Video Converter KingConvert For Nokia E71 5. This nokia C6 Video Converte Nidesoft Nokia Video Converter 2. Nidesoft nokia Video Converter provide perfect solution for you to convert your favorite video files to nokia mobile phone for mat, preserving the best quality o Nokia Video Converter Pro 1.