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Suitable for any business or personal situation. This is the time to organize your life! It increases your number of lists from 20 to , adds calendar integration, a widget for your phone, and location-based reminders. EveryDay Free, subscription available. It can give you a simpler email workflow. Find out if Inbox by Gmail can be the better choice for you. Read More? Yes, it is. But unlike traditional email clients, it turns each message into a task. You can create them inside the app and have them show up alongside the rest of your mail.

Inbox by Gmail Free. One of its standout features is the availability of smart lists. It can pull tasks from all your projects based on parameters of your choosing. Other key features include separate notes and comment sections, support for attachments, a calendar view, and repeat reminders. TickTick Free, subscription available.

In contrast to TickTick, Remember the Milk is the oldest app on this list. But how does it do against Wrike, Any. All the features you expect—such as labels and folder-based hierarchies—are present. Remember the Milk Free, subscription available. If you want a straightforward app without any bells and whistles, you should try To-Do List. You get a home screen widget, a single to-do list, the ability to set priority tasks… and nothing else.

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  • 1. Google Assistant;
  • 2. Todoist.

To-Do List Free. You can assign tasks to people, set reminders, and set tasks to repeat. They will either attract you or push you away right from the beginning. Sadly, Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in and ended support for the app two years later. Learn about To-Do's best features, what's still missing, and how you can migrate from Wunderlist to To-Do. On the bright side, Wunderlist is now entirely free to use after the company scrapped the Pro version, and it remains as popular as ever.

You can still download and use it, if you wish. Wunderlist Free. Plenty of other apps deserve an honorable mention. Here's how to find the perfect to-do list application for yourself. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I have tried several productivity tools and keep coming back to Microsoft To-Do list. They have a new collaboration feature that I have incorporated into our family structure. Sometimes you just want to put a quick note on your notification shade. Fly a kite! While Buy Me a Pie! You can add prices, weight, quantities, and other descriptive qualities to each item.

Grocery IQ for Android Free. You have two kinds of lists: Shopping Lists and Recipes. Tapping on any of these adds them to your shopping list. In effect, this kills two birds with one stone. You know what you need to make dinner, and you actually remember to buy it. Aside from that, you can group items and assign colors that help you tell things apart.

The app will learn from you over time and prompt you to re-enter words you type often. Our Groceries for Android Free. Read More , but three years have passed since then. Unsurprisingly, the app has received a visual overhaul. The functionality remains rock solid, and there are numerous reasons to check out this app in particular.

When it comes to saving money, Out of Milk provides an extensive list of coupons.

The 15 Best Free Grocery List Shopping Apps to Simplify Meal Planning

Not only that, it keys in to local retailers in your zip code. It even lets you browse by store. This makes it perhaps the best recommendation for folks wanting to shrink the size of their receipts. Out of Milk for Android Free. The apps on this list serve as relatively comprehensive shopping companions. But if you want to save money in particular, there are ways to expand upon what these apps offer. Both serve as cost-cutting complements to the shopping list apps above. Google Keep For Android Reviewed There are some amazing note-taking apps out there, but here's one that merits a closer look: Google Keep, a note-keeper which has both a great-looking Android app and a slick webapp.

Read More provides general note-taking capabilities, but it syncs everything to the web, and you can share notes with other Google accounts. These awesome Android task management apps help you efficiently keep track of your to-do list.

Going Grocery Shopping? Top 5 Android Shopping List Apps

You can also get by using Microsoft OneNote. With the Google tools at your fingertips, put them all to good use for nurturing your ideas. Some approaches may sound better than others, but all of us work differently. Find what works for you. We all go shopping, or we all know someone who does it for us. Unless you make everything yourself, you probably have a regular grocery routine. What do you do? Do you use any gadgets or services to help you out?

What are your favorite apps? Share your approach with us. Maybe we will all learn something new. Image Credits: Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Nice list, but since a lot of new apps appeared. There are so many grocery apps available in the market. One of the best apps I am using that is Groliste. It is smart grocery shopping list management app which helps you manage all activity related to your pantry and groceries.

Does anyone know of something like this? For now, I'll try Keep.

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That's what I use the "categories" for on Out of Milk and a couple others I'm experimenting with. One of the main issues when using these types of apps is the fact that they don't search for coupons at the same time. My biggest hurdle while grocery shopping is to create a list that is taking advantage of sales, coupons, or rebates. Since I'm like pretty much everyone else in the world and don't want to spend too much time and effort, I just focus on the few I know that work for me. This might not work for everyone, but the app that I use most for creating my grocery list is Ibotta.

The trick is to check in before you shop and scan your receipt directly after.

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I don't have the time or memory to remember coupons, so getting refunded for purchases works better for me. Many times, the same items you get a rebate for will have coupons available at the same time, so you can stack them. That way, I can see what I will get rewarded for instead of searching for coupons independently or store circulars. Basically, you sign up for Ibotta and then search for the store you'll be shopping at.

Then you can select the products you'll buy that have rebates. Many times, stores will have rebates for "any item" receipts meaning you only have to buy something, not something specific from a specific brand. Plus, they have been introducing more things like produce rebates where you can get rebates for non-brand specific loose produce items.

There are also bonuses if you - or your team - reaches certain rebate levels during the month. If you sign up under someone else, you become part of their team. If you use the referral code ykxrjab then you can be part of a team to get bonuses faster plus earn a referral bonus. Since I vary what I buy and cook almost every day, this app has saved me a lot of time without a lot of planning. I just buy the things I might normally buy, or whatever I'm craving, then get a discount on them later. Easy peasy. I know it's an old app, but I was disappointed that this article doesn't mention Splash Shopper.

This app is great for saving money because it allows you to save prices for at least three stores maybe more, I don't remember. This way, you can go through ads, enter the process at your stores, then go to each store for the best deal on that item. As such, once you find out which store carries your desired item, you can save it to that store so you don't make needless trips.

Another useful aspect of Splash Shopper is that over time, you'll be able to see which store has the best prices on the items you buy most. Does anyone have a suggestion for an app that is good for sharing with my spouse, but also can get more specific? We look for more natural products and find we must go to several stores to get the best option of a certain product.

For instance who has organic, free range chicken and if it is whole, breast, strips, nuggets, etc.? Or a "Jello" product that is more natural. Does one cater more to telling you that you can only get frozen organic orange juice at Trader Joe's in the Twin Cities and who has Luxor cherries? This would save us so much time. Why hasn't anyone invented a shopping list app yet like Out Of Milk which I love! I hate spending 3 hours before I go shopping looking up coupons for everything on my list then having to stand in line fishing through them all!!!

You might give NandOut a try.

The Google Home Shopping List

It is a free app on Google Play and has some nice features, like the option to sort your list in aisle sequence. A great list of applications! I'd like to add one more: TuLista https: It's very easy to use and its functions are slick and powerful. You can have serveral list and each list has a history of product with theirs prices, so is very easy to have a register of products and prices of every supermarket where you go.

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  4. I use ToMarket. It also allows sorting by aisle and setting up different aisles for different stores. It stores different prices by store as well. So that when you are shopping at one store, it will let you know if you have a lower price recorded at a different store.