Iphone listen to music through bluetooth earpiece

Agreed, it's too bad it also plays through the iPhone speaker, but its not too loud. The streaming quality is voice quality not music quality which is fine and dandy for podcasts.

It was nice to listen to a podcast unencumbered by cables! Apple should make this an intentional feature! I'm sure that Apple is working on something else having to do with this feature or they would have already put this function into the iphone. Apple is a business, they have to keep finding new ways to make money, lol. This will become a defacto feature in all smartphones or phones that have music built-in. If you don't have it, you won't be able to compete in the future. Apple can get away without it now, but not later.

If apple wanted this feature in the iphone at first, it would have been there, they didn't think about this cell phone for years and forget that people might want to listen to music through a bluetooth headset. Jeremy Riga Jeremy Riga. The BT signal from his headset is very weak Ditto for putting it in my pocket. Mine's going back tomorrow.

Too Bad Apple can't do what Motorola has been doing for a while.

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The sound quality is not for music with the S9 on the iPhone, though, but it works great on the Razor. The sound isn't bad on a Plantronics headset. I get about feet range on the Bluetooth. I just got up to feed the cat and only experienced a little cracle when the refrigerator door was in the way. Not hi-fi or stereo, but listenable.

Listen to iPhone music through a Bluetooth headset

I hope the stereo headset profile will be supported soon! BTW, you can turn down the volume on the phone most of the way and turn it up on the headset using the headset volume controls.

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If so, wouldn't we get charged for the minutes accessing voicemail? Step 3: To pair additional accessories, follow the steps above. How to pair Bluetooth headset with Apple TV. Tap Forget this Device. To add the headset to your iPhone again, place it back in discovery mode and follow the previous instructions to pair it again.

Choosing accessories

A list of available widgets appears under the Do Not Include heading. This is especially handy for checking out battery levels of connected Bluetooth accessories right from the Lock screen, without needing to unlock your iPhone.

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Tap the AirPlay icon. While on a call, you can manually select the device that you want to use for audio. Just tap the Audio button to select where to route the call to. Bluetooth headset will utilize any headset you have paired with your iPhone. The white Bluetooth icon means Bluetooth is on and a device is connected to your iPhone.

How to Play Music on Your iPhone With a Bluetooth Headset | It Still Works

If something doesn't work for you or if you have any sort of suggestions or feedback, leave a comment about it and I'll try to reply. Just a little note here - I couldn't get the package in the instructable to work properly for me - any app that played music would crash upon launching if it was already active, and if I activated it while it was open, the music would play for a split second and then stop. Theres another package that does the same thing on Cydia - BTMono - which worked fine for me, and didn't cause anything to crash.

Does it work with any bluetooth set?

Listen to Music Through Bluetooth on Android Phone

Or inly anything that you can pair with the bluetooth in settings. By jvdlcr Follow. More by the author: