Oracle apps dba interview questions and answers

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Your password has been sent to: Please create a username to comment. Web integration platform eases way to machine learning models StoryFit data scientists employ machine learning algorithms to gauge film script scenarios' prospects. Search Business Analytics Upswing in cloud business intelligence spawns migration issues More organizations are looking to run BI and analytics applications in the cloud. Avoid turbulence when shifting to data analytics in the cloud When migrating BI and data analytics to the cloud, factor existing analytics processes, software evaluation, data protection and SQL Server improves Linux, container support The SQL Server release includes new big data integration features, a collection of database engine enhancements and improved The Server Side.

Master-slave terminology alternatives you can use right now Software companies have found alternatives for master-slave terminology to describe their distributed systems. Search Data Center How to prepare your data center for an HCI appliance Vendors tout hyper-converged infrastructure as a plug-and-play offering, but before you install anything in your data center, be Hone these top 5 data center skills in As data centers become more software-based, admins should prepare themselves by learning about the cloud, containers, DevOps and Change Maintenance Mode —— While patching.

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Maintain Snapshot Information. List snapshots. Update current view snapshot. Create named snapshot.

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  4. Export snapshot to file. Import snapshot from file. Delete named snapshot s. Author — Akash Pramanik.

    Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions

    Database Administrator in IBM. Do you know some Cluster Vendor other than Oracle? What is CRS? In Release 2, Oracle has renamed this product to Oracle Clusterware. What is a raw partition? A raw partition is a portion of a physical disk that is accessed at the lowest possible level. A raw partition is created when an extended partition is created and logical partitions are assigned to it without any formatting.

    Once formatting is complete, it is called cooked partition.

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    When to use CFS over raw? A CFS offers: This option is very dependent on the availability of a CFS on your platform. When to use raw over CFS? Raw devices offer best performance without any intermediate layer between Oracle and the disk. Autoextend fails on raw devices if the space is exhausted.

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    However the space could be added online if needed. This is possible by using a raw device. What is a raw device? A raw device is a disk drive that does not yet have a file system set up.

    Raw devices are used for Real Application Clusters since they enable the sharing of disks. Where are the Clusterware files stored on a RAC environment? The Clusterware is installed on each node on an Oracle Home and on the shared disks the voting disks and the CSR file.

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    Where are the database software files stored on a RAC environment? The base software is installed on each node of the cluster and the database storage on the shared disks. What kind of storage we can use for the shared Clusterware files? What kind of storage we can use for the RAC database storage? What is a CFS?

    Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions & Answers

    A cluster File System CFS is a file system that may be accessed read and write by all members in a cluster at the same time. This implies that all members of a cluster have the same view. What is an OCFS2? Which files can be placed on an Oracle Cluster File System? There are some platform specific limitations. What is the Cluster Verification Utility cluvfy? The Cluster Verification Utility CVU is a validation tool that you can use to check all the important components that need to be verified at different stages of deployment in a RAC environment.

    What are Oracle Clusterware Components. The voting disk must reside on shared disk. The OCR must reside on shared disk that is accessible by all of the nodes in your cluster. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous 19 March at Posidon Mascho 19 March at Akash 20 March at Anonymous 20 March at Siddhartha Mukherjee 20 March at Anonymous 5 May at Anonymous 19 May at JayaraJ IP 25 May at Akash 26 May at Ravi 30 June at Rima Paul 20 July at Praveen Kumar 30 August at Pradeep Reddy 2 September at Sagar R 5 April at Arun Kumar 24 April at Sharon Sandy 22 May at DBA training 3 October at Srinu Vasu 16 March at Anbarasan14 14 November at Priya Rajesh 20 November at