Ios the sims freeplay cheats

Bug Fixed! Now I can complete the quests and know what to expect I am now always one step ahead of the quest! Also the cheats do work like making your sim barf that's kinda gross but it worked see the cheats work! And telling what new quests I need to expect and how to complete them is outstanding!

Thank you so much!

Sims Freeplay Cheats - Unlimited Simoleons & LP

Are app is the best people messed it up whenever it downloads go in the app it will work we got it fixed my sister got scammed by granny and sims 4 I told her to download this app she loves it it works amazing enjoy this is not sponsored we will pay you money if you sponsor us thank you. I downloaded this apps looking for cheats and quests. App Store Preview. Next, select Reset Game on the pause screen you'll be restoring your save in a moment. In 5 or 6 seconds, the party boat will appear. Click to visit the boat and you should have several presents waiting for you.

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Collect them for life points or money or both. You can repeat the process as often as you like. This cheat requires you to manipulate your iPhone's settings. Always exercise caution when performing such cheats and follow the instructions carefully to minimize your reduce of lost or corrupted data. Start playing the game and make sure that all of your sims are engaged in an activity. I get back on I mean, who does that! It is so irritating that the adds pop up every few seconds!

The Sims: FreePlay Cheats for iPhone - iPad

All the cheats on here don't work but one. The only one that I've seen work was making your sim vomit. Marcus you need to stop tricking people, learn how to spell because you spelled things wrong on the game, and get a life!!! Honestly, this just takes up time and storage.

This has token up enough of my time anyway. And saying I think on one of the cheats isn't okay because you don't know.

Sims FreePlay - Money Cheat IOS/ANDROID (NO Jailbreak Or Computer) - XCultureSimsX

Also he doesn't know this because he didn't make the sims free Play!!! You should probably update this because the time one doesn't work anymore. Maybe make a new cheat app? I turned my time forward and everyone working that had long tasks was at the same point.

The Sims: FreePlay Cheats for iPad

Truly annoying so ya. The barfing cheat was a nice add on, thanks for that. But ya plz update! Or make new simsfreeplay cheats app! App Store Preview.


This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Ever wondered how to get all the Simoleons?