Htc windows phone 8x bricked

I don't want a mystery ROM. Can anyone, especially Microsoft, explain how to repair this device? Change cables, if possible, and try the different ports again.

  1. [Q] HTC 8X A&T semi-"bricked" - details - help??
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Plug directly into computer, don't use a USB hub. There was an official acknowledgement on the Insider forums some time ago that Microsoft was working with mobile operators to get all the recovery files that they had some already, and were working on getting others.

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I have seen lots of people post separately words to the effect of "I'm still waiting", but what I have not yet seen is one thread where anyone whatever their phone who is still waiting for their Recovery File can speak up, complete with specific details about their phone that might help Microsoft determine which recovery files they still need to obtain from the manufacturers. Good luck!

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Update on the situation: I gave the phone to a friend of mine who works in IT for a major hospital. He has a supply of higher-quality cables and decided to try it on a computer with no other applications and a USB 3. It worked immediately and rolled the phone back to Windows 8.

[WP10] Solution for bricked HTC 8X after windows phone 10 upgrade (updated sept 26)

Hi I try to roll back my firmware, and already downloaded package, but during flashing mode, recovery tools said that may phone is not detected and failed to install firmware. I do it repeatedly but still same problem. Please help. Phone issue is that, some application are not opening after firmware update, so need to roll back.

Mera Lumia windows 8 intall hote huwe beech me lite chali gaye ab dobara window install nahi ho rahi hai Please Somebody help me. Your email address will not be published. Pass the test: Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Reset and Recover Windows Phone. Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. April 9, at 1: April 11, at 9: April 12, at April 12, at 2: April 12, at 9: April 12, at 3: Anup Lamichhane. April 12, at 7: April 13, at 2: April 22, at 6: Chris Jutting. April 23, at 2: April 25, at 6: May 3, at May 9, at 8: May 9, at Ron Hewey.

Did WP8 GDR2 brick your HTC 8X? Now you can flash it back to life yourself - MSPoweruser

May 25, at Is there a windows recovery tool for mac? Ketan Deshpande. May 29, at 1: May 30, at 1: Roald Bosman. June 6, at 6: June 17, at Apriliyanus Pratama. June 18, at June 30, at 9: July 11, at 9: July 28, at 8: August 5, at 3: Christian Schlemmer. August 16, at 3: Anand Khanse.

August 16, at 5: By jayinatlanta , Junior Member on 30th May , Thread Deleted Email Thread. Boy, I've read a ton about this issue and no one seems to be able to solve this exact problem.


Plus, if the battery runs out entirely, the device will just enter the reboot cycle again when recharged. OR I can get it to the root system info screen, like this, almost every time I do some multiple volume down keypresses interspersed with an up keypress at boot, while connected to my computer via USB [if I disconnect, the screen changes to "serial"]: However, I can't figure out how to bring it back from the dead. Note that I am not a ROM cook and don't even own a Y-cable, so be gentle if you're going to talk about anything along those lines.

Hard-Reset HTC A620e Windows Phone 8S

However, any advice that isn't related to the hard reset? If so, thanks. If not, at least I've documented this specific "semi-bricked" state on here. Senior Member. Join Date: