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Most Java virtual machine out of memory issues happen on the heap, but this time proved to be a little different. Incorporating knowledge graphs into recommender systems has attracted increasing attention in recent years. By exploring the interlinks within a knowledge graph, the connectivity between users and items can be discovered as paths, which provide rich and complementary information to user-item interactions. However, existing efforts have not fully explored this connectivity to infer user preferences, especially in terms of modeling the sequential dependencies within and holistic semantics of a path.

Interactive visual search with user feedback helps buyers find the perfect item and while enjoying the exploratory journey. At eBay, we seek the very best engineers to help us build more economic opportunity for everyone. By now most eBay core business flows have gone through the journey of implementing Experience Service-based multi-screen application solutions, where web and mobile native app user interfaces are composed of one or more modules, and Experience Services directly returns these modules to clients with content synthesized from backend data sources, localized and formatted, ready for render and user interaction.

This article outlines a plan to move more modules to a shared environment. Many big data systems collect petabytes of data on a daily basis. Such systems are often designed primarily to query raw data records for a given time range with multiple data filters. However, discovering or identifying unique attributes present in such large datasets can be difficult. Press tab to begin typing your search or press escape to close. Ebay will require you to refund the buyer no matter what you provide in defense against fraud and abuse.

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If you don't act within 30 days, ebay will ban your account and paypal will either freeze your account or pull the funds directly out of your linked bank account. There's no recourse here at all because all return requests are completely out of the control of the seller. The bottom line is, the seller is totally at the mercy of the buyer's honesty at ebay. And, as more and more dishonest buyers learn how easy it is to get free stuff, the more risky selling on ebay will become.

Is not true, ebay and paypal are different companies so they can scam people in the internet while the seller and the buyer fight, they get rich. They should be investigated by the state department, is like the Mafia,. I have just had exactly the same thing happen to me. I was immediately suspicious as the return request was for a 'buy it now' listing for silver - so I phoned eBay for advice.

A charming young woman assured me I would be covered under their buyer protection program if the buyer returned a fist full of 2 pence coins and strongly advised me to accept the return in spite of silence from the buyer who had merely clicked a 'not as described' button. When I received my return I had my partner video film the package showing the tracking number the buyer used together with the buyer's return address.

I then opened it to discover a pile of worthless junk old coins completely different to the silver ones I sent out. As advised I contacted eBay and they went through the motions of taking this seriously. They informed me that I needed to fill out an online fraud form for the police and get a crime number. This took half an hour but I did it and provided the crime number. They also requested photographs of the items the seller sent back. Just like the seller above, not only did I provide photographs, I also photographed the items and their envelope on a digital scale.

The weight was shown on the post office printed stamp label and exactly matched. Further I showed the different weight of the items I had sent out using Royal Mail signed for service which recorded the weight on my receipt. I uploaded all this to eBay. It took me hours with 4 phone calls, filling in the police form and photographing the goods on scales etc.

What did eBay do? They pasted my name into a stock reply informing me that they were unable to return the money they had taken from my paypal account because they were unable to physically see the items the buyer returned! What infuriates me here is not that a buyer can so easily defraud a seller by simply clicking the 'not as described' button and then refusing to communicate - leaving eBay and paypal to do the rest - even when I sent registered mail.

The worst thing is that eBay assured me I would be covered under their seller protection program, had me spend hours - 4 hours - compiling the evidence they asked for - only to turn round and deny my claim on the grounds that the evidence they stipulated and requested was insufficient! This rather begs the question as to why I had to photograph the returned items and fill out a police report. I now think it was because in most cases the seller just won't deem it worth their time and eBay will get to appear concerned and responsible.

All he needed to do was click one button and eBay have facilitated his fraud while making me jump through hours of hoops - which at the end, once I'd jumped through every hoop they asked of me - they dismissed my appeal with a stock reply. The lesson I have learned is that the easiest and best way to make money on eBay is to file fraudulent return requests.

As an honest person I cannot bring myself to do this to others. I have however lost all confidence in eBay as a safe and fair arena to sell goods and the only way I will be returning is if I can exclude paypal as a payment option. My feelings, precisely! I got a return request falsely claiming the item didn't work.

The buyer just had to click one button, never ever responded back to my communication attempts and my funds were on hold I usually don't withdraw them up to a month just in case. Since time went by with no responses nor item, I escalated the case to at least remove the holds. This is where a bad dream turns to a complete nightmare. Right now all I sell is stuff I don't mind loosing.

Still every less and less time I make a sale I get that traumatic experience back. There's so much hoops you have to make for them to even care the slightest that simply most people gives up. Experienced sellers do know it is worthless and just take it as the cost of doing business. I know it is but. Take caution when selling in eBay. I'd advise the same for buyers but buyers have it too much easy these days. But they scam you legally i dont know about it. This news just opened my eyes. Stop buying from this without hand to hand deal or face to face deal.

It's just scam and we cant complaint them legally. I am trying to find out about scams related to eBay and Paypal. I received a query from a buyer and he wanted to ask questions about it. We agreed on price and I didn't realize he hadn't put it in ebay. I received an email from paypal saying payment was made and directing me to ship, which I did.

Apparently the email was a fake and now I have nothing. What to do? Only seek law enforcement. At least I sent it insured and signature confirmation, I've found the recipient and will be working with local law enforcement in the town to find out who received the package and detemine if it is fraud. I didn't realize eBay and PayPal were no longer linked and it looked completely legitimate to the untrained eye. Sellers beware I like to report this scammer, so that if anyone google his name, they will know this guy is a scammer.

His chargeback caused my paypal account to be negative and then left me negative feedback. I hope seller outthere stay away from this guy. He also went to Colorado School of Mines. Some shit for school. After he used my gift coupon codes, he decided to want to get a charge back and threaten me negative feedback unless I provide gift codes for him to use! I'm a student myself, there is no way for me to get that many codes as these are send to me by bestbuy only during their promotions.

My listing stated 10 codes in the heading and the item description but he insist that it is a ! This guy fraud who is also a domain seller for main websites especially chinese websites. He went to Colorado School of Mines His credentials: Also, you can CHARGE insurance as part of your shipping price, but you cannot offer it as an option as an extra cost to the buyer against ebay policy.

This is either an old article or an uninformed ebayer. To avoid the bait and switch scam, could you take a picture of your sold item before you ship it out? Or would that not help? Or note down any serial numbers before you send. That's what I do to make sure I get the same unit back. This is the very reason why I have not removed a single device from mine, even devices that were sold years ago. They can send me back the switched out device with the different serial number and unknowingly they would have just provided the first piece of evidence my lawyer will use if eBay and Paypal sides with the scammer, which they probably will.

Always register your devices. You're not only making it easier to receive warranty information and help but you're creating a "history" and record of the item with that unique serial number. The person would just say that's not the item i received. Now anything that can be broken I will only sell for cash on collection. They can see it working and have to return it to me if there is any problem and i get to decide whether to refund them or not, if something genuinely doesn't work I'm always happy to refund, but not when I've been scammed. Also when demonstrating the item I take a photo of the serial number with them there so they know I'm doing it and have a record.

Alas this is becoming more and more common as ebay keep siding with the buyer and although you can report a buyer there is nothing to stop them creating a new account and doing the same thing over again with a clean record. Someone once said to me only sell on ebay what you can afford to lose, especially now that there you must offer returns saying no returns means nothing ebay will still now refund and you have to pay the return postage now. I rarely use ebay now, facebook have some great groups that are free to buy and sell so i make my money from them now no hassle.

I really don't get why ebay seem to be able to play god. There is no protection for the seller if a buyers account is hacked! So much for "Seller's Protection"! Really interesting. I purchased for an item on ebay but didn't get it.

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And actually I bought it as a guest but also I got email about my order which is the proof that I purchased it. Could you please help me. Great point here, thanks for the effort. One idea: The Bait-and-Switch Refund To avoid being scammed here: Take pictures of it and save it until the deal has gone through feed back received.

The Phishing email Simply, change your setting in your email client from: Don't download anything from someone you don't know. Common sense and keeping in mind, if it sounds too good to be true Just by the looks of the above, I think it is more likely to see the number 42 black-red-green on the roulette wheel than getting the actual item. This doesn't really help. The buyer often has a bashed up old phone and claims that this is the one you sent him. The fact that you marked the phone and recorded the IMEI doesn't help. My niece ordered a pair of shoes. She got a package with a tracking number from the US Post Office.

Inside the box was an ink pen. She tried to get her money back and they said the package was delivered and tracking number verified delivery. I ordered a collectible toy tractor and it was shipped with a tracking number thru the US Post Office. The tracking number showed delivery to our local post office. Package was never delivered to our PO Box.

Post office said "it was delivered to your box" It wasn't. Either delivered to someone else's box, or employee stole it. I lost my money. I ordered something that took a while to come and there were several emails between me and seller documenting the difficulty. However, by the time it played out, it was too late to file a dispute. In the beginning I ordered a box of upholstery fabric samples and didn't read the shipping costs before agreeing to the sale.

Buyers always get their way, scammer or not, they know that even weak positive feedback can hurt largely sellers trying to make a name. So please avoid putting yourself in the hands of this evil enterprise, soon enough you'll find yourself in the middle of a distressful, unfair, money consuming situation.

For all my buy on eBay, when at 44 days after my payment I do not have my item, I start a dispute explaining that I don't get the item and I want to be sure that I will be refunded or that I will get my item. Please help me: I bought a bag. I found on ebay but the seller wanted me to pay by Paypal. She sent me an invoice. I paid and she emailed me that she received the money and sent the item. She also gave me a tracking number from Portugal. The number was possible to track in Portugal, now I can't track it when it's out of Portugal.

It hase been already 14 days since she shipped. But it never arrived. She doesn't reply to my emails and her phone number doesn't even exist. Do you think Paypal will refund my money back? She said it was the safest to pay vie Paypal. I really think I got robbed. I paid so much money: I should have paid through ebay. Please give me advice. How can I get my money back? He could just be ignorant. If he is going to pay through paypal but out of ebay, then what he says is true I believe. Look at what has happened to Kevin, about 10 posts above. Ticket sales scams: There is a scammer selling concert tickets on eBay called "ticketroo".

Purchased two Linkin Park tickets for a Calgary February 12 concert for my daughter which was cancelled. Ticketroo has a guarantee on his website to "fully refund tickets if the concert is cancelled and not rescheduled". I have written him over 7 times and not one reply.

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We found out his user account and wrote him as well. When I called eBay and PayPal they said there was nothing they could do because I bought the tickets in November for a February concert which was over 90 days ago. Beware of this seller! I have reported him to the RCMP for fraud. How can I recommend using eBay ever again? However, it is not just the buyers. Many sellers are misrepresenting products. I now put more weight on who I am buying from than the item and I still come across sellers I wish I never heard of.

I now do everything possible to avoid anything listed refurbished and the the stuff still shows up at my door modified. I do not like wasting time with ebay cases either. I have won every one I have filed but its opportunity wasted because I usually miss a good deal from a legit seller while waiting for the case to settle. I'm glad I don't live in a country which allows firearms to be carried by the terminally stupid.

Any info on how a transaction went perfectly on ebay motors? How do you pay? Get title? I feel I am about to get scammed. Knowledge is very powerful, takes a lot of reading but it's really going to help you avoid problems. Font know how to ge t our money back I bought an htc eone m8 from ebay. On complaing to ebay We r jacked!! The best way to not get scammed on eBay as a seller , is not to use eBay at all. All the buyer has to say is that the "box was empty" or the item received was "not as described" ie: Guess who is going to be on the hook?

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Yup, the seller. As a seller, you have no way to defend against this scam. I believe i'm about to go through this. Sold two items on ebay to a guy, both arrived broken, i offered a full refund upon receiving the item, buyer has been stalling all week, we traded about 80 emails and he's trying to shake me down, like keeping the items us worth and getting a US refund.

Is there any scams that the buyer does not collect a paid for item that requires a signature and ignores any emails sent since the post but was communicative previously? Happened to me once, Paid then ignored. Received it back from P O. Only thing I figured is Drunk EBaying. Doesn't need or Want it. Had their fun just Bidding and winning and Laughing about it. I suggest you go ahead and get USPS to get it back.. Good Luck JL. Hi there, I have been scammed several times on eBay. When I was thinking of deactivating my account, I came across an interesting online service - ebuyersreviewed.

I like this site and I use it every day. I think this is the only protection that I can get at this time. I purchaced a elec piano on ebay and its located in south africa and the seller is taking a long time to ship the item. It looks like he has no intention of shipping it. I should be protected with buyer protection but this could be a scam because even if i get my money back they keep the keyboard and the money as well. Be careful with craiglist car sellers. There is a scam going on with a seller who advertising cars bellow market values and then they say they do payment with ebay.

They give you a sad story why they are selling the car. They tell you to pay with green dot cards and they will ship you the car free of charge. They tell you that you have 10 days to return the car back to the seller free of charge. If you don't like the car they will refund the money. The problem is you never get the car. You never talk to the seller, its all done by email. Don't fall for this scam. I have had 2 people email sad stories of loved ones dying in the past 2 days when my husband told me this was to good to be true I backed off the first one.

Then I seen a different vehical that was cheap we played into it for a few minutes then I let them hear what I thought about sick people and what they were doing. I'm so glad I didn't get scammed. It's sad what people will say or do or both for money.

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It makes me sick. I dealt with a similar name. They offered in their listing an item for a cheap price, then that took you to their private website with cheap items I purchased item thru paypal, never heard another thing. Still want my money back.

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Stay away from that electronics or whatever it is.. You might avoid the swich scam by marking high value items with a UV pen before you send them. Make it clear the item us marked with one in the decription and that you will prosecute scamers. Also report scams if you have been a victim to the police. There is a special UK site just for reporting fraud: I was a victim of fraud where I sold a high vaule item through ebay, sent it off no problems recived payment; then the buyer informed her credit card company that her card was used without her autherisation.

I have reported this to the police but I hold out little hope of getting my money back. A similar story: I sold a very nice cellphone on ebay. Buyer made payment to my paypal account and i Shipped the phone out to the buyer. Well the package went there and came half way back. Then tracking showed that it was delivered to a mailbox in a wrong city.

Package seemed to be lost Then the buyer asked ebay for a refund cuz they never received their item and ebay refunded their money. In the meantime I opened a case with the United states postal service on a lost package. Two days later the package was delivered to my buyers address but he already got his money back. When an item is delivered the tracking information stops right there even if it's delivered to the wrong address and no matter what happens after that the ebay record shows no more activity of that item.

So I went to the post office and got proof of the item being delivered to my buyer and mailed it to ebay resolution center and i am now awaiting the outcome. Keep in mind! The best way to find out about fake ebay emails is; 1. Click Reply as we reply common emails to friends or families 3. Nice advice, Nisar! Ebay won't help you at all if you perform any transactions or communications outside of their system since only Ebay messages are tracked on their system.

I've had a PayPal account linked to one of my credit cards since and now I can't use it anymore cause I've hit a "sending limit". Another possible scam that I'm currently trying to deal with: Ebay will allow listing of pre-sale items, say: I used to like to use eBay to lock in prices for some things that I expect will get hyped after it hits the market. That means that once those 45 days have passed, the seller can just walk away with your money and give you the finger. This isn't just academic: I had eBay turn down a claim against a fraudulent seller where everything in the transaction was perfect: I guess the only way to protect yourself from that is to either avoid pre-sale auctions altogether or to file prophylactic buyer protection claims in advance of the shipping date and keep it open until the item actually ships.

But wow, I wish eBay had made this clear before I lost a lot of money on this. As a buyer I got scammed like this with magazine subscriptions years ago. Because it said wil take weeks for subscriptions to start, I could not complain when I did not receive anything by 30th day, by week 8 I even forgot about my subscriptions. I haven't used eBay a lot but I still get nervous when I do use it. Any shopping on line scares me. Case Study 5" As a new seller I find this list daunting and helpful. I'll definitely keep my eyes out for scammers. I have had only one problem on Ebay, and that was a seller who did not ship the item.

That, however, happened years ago and I think Ebay has made many, many changes since then because they have realized that their buyers are their true lifeblood. Without buyers, a seller will take their goods, and seller fees, elsewhere. I do know they're much more responsive to issues now than they were in their early days, which is nice.

Yeah, I do believe that eBay is more buyer-friendly than they were years ago. You are absolutely correct: It's in eBay's best interest to be as helpful to buyers as possible, so hopefully these scams will disappear in the future. Sadly, as soon as they do someone will think up another one!

The irony is that if these folks spent as much time and energy on a job as they do on their scams, they wouldn't need to scam people! How is a buyer more important than the seller? Without one you cannot have the other. They are equally important; it's a symbiotic relationship. The "switch" one and the plain "no item" one are the two exceptions - it's almost impossible not to get slapped with them and no amount of self-control and common sense will prevent them.

The others - the "overpay", the "elsewhere", and the "email" scams are just the greedy seller being an arse and catching themselves in the scam, hence they are morons! If it does not match call law enforcement, it is now fraud and at least in the states if across state lines a federal offense. Good idea. Here in Australia, I wouldn't count on the cops to investigate ebay fraudsters though.

They would be either too busy issuing traffic tickets or wouldn't be bothered. There are more interesting scams going, which eBay refused to tell me how it is done. We then received an email, ostensibly from the seller, asking us to send payment by Western Union rather than Paypal. We didn't. But my question is how the scammers got ahold of the record of the transaction to permit their creating scam emails. Any time a buyer or seller wants to make a transaction outside of eBay using other methods, that should be an immediate red flag.

You were correct in not sending any money. I'm not sure how that particular scam would work, but you surely dodged a bullet there. Reasons include fees and own protection against scammers who abuse Buyer Protection. I try my best to charge extra from paranoid buyers like you as insurance from Buyer Protection abuse and recoupment of extra ebay costs.

You gotta pay for all your insecurities in life! If you can establish the authenticity of the email and the seller is reputable and didn't receive most of his feedback within the last 30 days there isn't much that can go wrong. I understand your concern given the purchase price though. In regards to bait and switch: Otherwise you could do the opposite, send out a ton of broken items out and get money. For example, I'm very OCD with electronics and need them to be in perfect condition. Often times when I used to still play video games in the past I would go on eBay to buy PS2 games or whatever and would send the buyer a message asking "is the box and CD absolutely scratch proof and in brand new condition?

They would most often times say yes, and I'd buy. Then the item would arrive and the box would have poorly peeled off stickers, and a scratched up CD. I'd be pretty upset and contact eBay after sellers always telling me to ship it back to him on my own expense And eBay would promptly take the money away from the seller and refund me the money without me needing to ship the item back or provide any sort of proof.

This happened quite a few times with video games and electronics for me in the past and I just avoid eBay now as a seller as much as possible out of fear somebody will do the same to me with something expensive. Sellers should not blatantly lie in descriptions of items. The best way to avoid the bait and switch is to get the buyer to acknowledge you are sending them a working device but unless they purchase insurance you are not responsible for shipping damage. Have the people at the shipping office sign a notice of working order and drop it in the box. I sold a phone on ebay a few years back and did this.

Most of the time it the shipping companies have no problem saying yes we seen it working when he dropped it off to us as long as they know they will not be responsible if no insurance is purchased. Most people will just ignore your advice because it adds more work, but I think it's good. Thanks for sharing! When I looked at the tracking on the listing, it says it was delivered 7 days ago. The buyer is stating that the package is on its way back to me, but I can't find anything that reflects that. Any advise?? It's always appreciated: The "Vanishing Cash" always happens when they ask for payment in advance, but sometimes if they can't get you to pay all the amount they'll be happy even with a few hundred bucks.

It's usually done by asking for cash using Western Union, MoneyGram or similar services. In the "Over Paying Buyer" you also said that the seller shouldn't ship the item until he sees the money. I'm not entirely familiar with the Cash On Delivery service so I can't endorse it, though I can't exactly condemn it either.

However, I think eBay's terms of service require all buyers and sellers to make their transactions through the site ONLY. Does eBay offer a COD option? If not, I would avoid it. Thanks a lot for this great information, i would like to read a post about when ask you to sell item for them on ebay. Very annoying. I buy on the Indian site of eBay www.

I did face some problem with a seller when the emergency lamp that he sent me became defective in a few days. After complaints, he did send me a replacement. I bought another item, not very expensive where the seller's description was found to be at variance when the product some software loaded on a usb drive came. I did complain to him but did not pursue it further considering the rather small amount involved. I did not face any issues with clicking on the links from the genuine emails that I get from eBay.

I've had more trouble with Craigslist and the fake pay-pal is the most common. Don't ship anything on Craigslist. Never had any problems on Craigslist, and I've done hundreds of Craigslist transactions as a buyer and seller for the past 15 years. You just have to use common sense, and not be an idiot. Cash only in-person transactions. Test and inspect product before paying. I found that the best method for shopping on ebay is to buy from reputable sellers with loads of stars!

Its good to know that these scams exist. And am sure everybody will read this article and will take note. But these scammers are really good at thier job that most people end up being trapped. As a general rule for me, I always contact the seller or client to ask them lots of details about the items listed.

And to always check for feedback about them. The only rule is to log on Ebay manually and double check your PayPal manually. If something is wrong, cancel that credit card. Asking a lot of questions can be a lot of work if you buy a lot of stuff but it's a good habit to get into. It's not a guarantee that you won't be scammed but it does help to establish a rapport with the seller and you can pick up clues as to whether or not they're trying to scam you.

Their another big scam ebay is aware of buyer pays for items then files case did not receive right item they keep item seller out money. The new ebay buyer scammer we talk about it at the coffee shops and at the donut shops but ebay just want you to report buyer and nothing else is done. Will ebay really do something about these rotten people. They will do nothing and keep losing sellers. Then raise fees and tell you to drop your prices offer free shipping and install auto offers on auctions. Your thrill is the auction according to EBay not making a profit. To get the right number and a passcode, you need to: Sign in to your eBay account if you have one.

Select the topic you have a question about: You'll get a screen with a bunch of self-help options in the center, and a phone number and passcode on the left. You should be talking to a live customer support agent in no time. I went to eBay's customer service page. This is now "Selling Basics. I dialed the number and got a recording asking me if I had a passcode.

I dialed in the one on my screen, and it forwarded me to the eBay customer support team. I was put on hold, and loud, upbeat classical music began playing. There was a notification on the website saying there was a longer than usual wait time, so I settled in for a long wait. To my surprise, a cheerful customer support agent picked up the phone in less than a minute!

Not too hard! So What Was the Answer? However, there is a similar option that does work. Perhaps the easiest way to reach eBay customer support is through social media. Twitter eBay has a dedicated customer service Twitter account: