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Follow by Email. Powered by Blogger. Find us on. Use the volume buttons to zoom in and out, then tap on the camera button on the bottom of the screen to snap a photo. Please note that flash is on by default, and your test photo will also be saved in your gallery. Once you're done testing the camera, tap on the back button to exit out to the main diagnostic screen.

Tapping on the "Sensor" button will yield a test page for a host of sensors — namely the accelerometer, proximity sensor, barometer, light sensor, gyroscope, magnetic sensor, HRM, and fingerprint scanner. I'll go over all eight of these submenus in separate sections below.

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Accelerometers are vital sensors that are used to detect the orientation of the phone, primarily measuring linear acceleration of movement. To check for its functionality, tap on either "Image Test" to check for landscape-to-portrait transitions or "Graph" to measure how well the sensor detects movement by shaking your device up and down. This tests your device's proximity sensor, which is responsible for turning your screen off whenever your phone is against your face in a phone call to prevent accidental touches.

To test for this feature, simply cover the top of your phone with your hand. The screen should now turn green if the proximity sensor works, so uncover the screen to turn the screen white and proceed to the next test.

How to check samsung mobiles battery status and phone temperature

This sensor is primarily responsible for tracking altitude, and it aids in giving more accurate GPS readings. The test for this function is straightforward — simply tap on "Barometer Selftest" to initiate an automated test that'll instantly let you know if it works or not.

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As its name suggests, this sensor is in charge of detecting ambient light. Tap on "Light Sensor" to initiate the test, then expose your phone to light of varying brightness. Three levels should register in turn, starting from "Level 1" for dim lighting all the way up to "Level 3" for extremely bright. The gyroscope measures your device's rotation and works alongside the accelerometer to paint a complete picture of general movement.

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There are several ways to test your handset's gyroscope — you can manually perform a test by tapping on either "Display" or "Graph," or you can rotate your phone around and read the corresponding results in either numbers or through a linear graph. Alternatively, you can opt to test your device's gyroscope functionality automatically by selecting "Gyro Selftest" for both the x and y axis. This tests for the functionality of your device's magnetic sensor. Tapping on "Selftest" will initiate an automatic test to see if your device passes or fails.

If you want to test manually, tap on "Power Noise Test," then run a magnet around your phone. On the S8, for example, the magnetic sensor is located along the top-left corner of the phone, as evidenced by the magnetic spikes on the graph when a magnet is close to that area. This tests out your smartphone's heart rate monitor and can be performed in two ways. Tapping on the "Start" button within the "HRM" tab will take you to the "HRM Test" page, and from there you can test your handset's heart rate monitor by placing your finger on the sensor. If you want to run the "HRM EOL" test, you'll need to place your phone on a flat service and keep it completely still, otherwise, it will register multiple failures.

This tests out your fingerprint scanner. Tap on "Normal Scan" to commence testing, which will take place automatically to check if all components are functioning properly.

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  6. Tapping on "Sensor Information" will reveal details like firmware version that you can look through. Your phone's touchscreen is easily its most important component you can test, as it's generally required to gain access and interact with your handset. So to test out this functionality and check for any dead zones, tap on the "Touch" button to get started. Now, trace the squares on the screen to complete the X-marked box, which should turn green.

    Once done, you'll be automatically taken back to the main test page. Alternatively, you can also exit to the main test page by pressing the volume up button.

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    Tapping on the "Sleep" button will test out your device's sleep functionality. Available on: Start Download. Unlock Samsung 1. Unlock Samsung Phone 1. They're downloading.

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