My iphone 3 keeps turning on voice control

After about an hour, voice control turns on by itself. I turn it off but it comes back on. Then the iPod is paused then skips couple songs. It doesn't stop. I think it has to do with headphones or something. Maybe sweat getting into headphones? This happens almost every time I work out.

Shortcut: The Home Button

Apparently this is common issue. It certainly sounds like the headphones are causing this. Check for liquid damage inside the headphone socket: Hold your phone up to the light so that you can see down inside of the headphone port. If positive, this could indicate that the phone's headphone socket may also be at fault. This happened to me as well, much to my frustration. I have since found that it doesn't happen as long as I keep the headphone cable on the outside of my clothing instead of underneath it.

When I'm in the gym I used to run the cable down underneath my shirt to stop it catching on things. I think the noise from my shirt rubbing on the microphone my have been activating voice control. Since I started running it down the outside of my clothes into my pocket I have had no issues. I wrapped the headphone wire where the mic and controls are with a few layers of Saran Wrap. This keeps the sweat out but still allows use of the controls. Used to have the random Siri problem described all the time on long runs, did a hot sweaty 18 mile run today with Saran Wrap and had no problems. Based on my past experience, my recommendation is to power off the phone, recharge it, and see if that fixes the problem.

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I had a huge problem with my iPhone 4 where it just kept going to Voice Control. It went on and on all night and called random people in the middle of the night!

Why does iPhone Voice Control turn on when I wear headphones while working out? - Ask Different

Not good! Finally cos it had been so active all day it died on me so I let it. Peace for one night! Anyway the next day when I charged it, it was all working good again and no problems so far. Tis was a major problem for me and I just blew hard straight into the hole where the headphones go and the problem was fixed for me! Thank you for your interest in this question. You may use these methods if you want to disable Voice Control on your iPod touch also. Iphone is being stupid because u can disable siri, but then voice control is there. When testing it, it even decided to call up some random number.

I want them both deactivated. I want it NOW!

I absolutely hate this feature. I managed to turn off both Siri ugh! The phone will play seemingly random music that is hard to turn off—what a PITA. I also am not happy with these features and it happens every time I go to use my phone and only started for me with the last update. Try this: More than a few nanoseconds makes it think you want Voice Control. Seems to work for me. Good luck.

The amount of times I have accidentally pocket dialed people is ridiculous! Apple need to fix this glitch! It is just annoying. There should be an option to allow me, the user, to turn off the feature if I choose. I have this same issue. If there really is no fix then this is enough to consider switching phones. How do I remove Siri and voice control? Apple need to provide an update which enables the BOTH to be deactivated or even better removed. Uhhh, voice control is still not disabled. Need to disable both! Voice control is useless for me and so is siri.

I hate just iphone Due to voice control.. This is a joke! I hated android. I just warfed my phone into the gulf. Just fired up new android. The recommended procedure is NOT working! And I loose 15 min each time Voice Over switches on accidentally and does not give me access to the settings menus to switch it off again…. This is such a pain. Turn off Siri.

Turn off Voice Control on your iPhone

No more Voice Dialing while pressing the Home button for too long. This actually worked, and it made me laugh so much that this is the only way to turn off the voice dail feature! Thank you! This is amazing …worked for me … one less thing to worry in life.. I have flights in 2 hours and meetings and the stupid machine is not allowing me to receive information or get pas the first stage of using password to get to messages from email.

I am so frustrated and regret I bought an iphone and used it for the first time on a business trip.

iPhone 3GS - Voice Controls

I just want to disable it.