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Tap on the "View" and you'll be allowed replying the message on the lock screen.

Not receiving any notifications for Skype on iPhone - Microsoft Community

Sometimes iPhone cannot answer text messages, Viber, WhatsApp calls or Skype from lock screen is because the message previews is off, then you are not able to preview message or answer it. Force restart iPhone is an easy way to fix iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google messenger quick reply not working after iOS 11 update; you can also have a try if the methods above failed to work. Well, if the quick reply keyboard still doesn't work on iPhone after trying the methods above, reset all settings will be the last choice.

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In iOS 11, t he moon turns purple when you've activated the feature. Do Not Disturb is now activate. Notifications will still appear on the lock screen. For some finer control over Do Not Disturb, you're going to want to plunge into the feature's settings. Go into the Settings app and tap on Do Not Disturb so that you can decide exactly who can reach you and when. At the top of the Do Not Disturb settings panel, you'll find a toggle for turning the feature on and off. It's the same control you can activate through Control Center, and it silences phone calls and alerts.

The Scheduled section in Do Not Disturb's settings lets you pick particular hours to block out distractions — overnight, say. Just below that, the Silence section lets you set when incoming and notifications will be silenced: I used to love Skype.

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MS have ruined it completely. What losers.

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Nov 10, 6: It's actually a problem amoung a noumber of apps like this. I have used s4b and Bria to connect into a PBX phone system and both have the same problem.

FIXED: Not Receiving Message Notification Alerts or Sounds on iPhone

It's something to do with how iOS puts the phone and apps to sleep to save battery. Not receiving skype push notifications?

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Not receiving any notifications for Skype on iPhone

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