Android 2.3.6 change google account password

How to delete Google Account from Android 2.3 and 4.0 without a factory reset

All i did was attempt to connect to the android market and I logged in with my gmail account and new passwords. It walked me through the authentication and sync process. Easy fix. Osuzannah Lurker. Mar 15, 1 0 5. This works! Apr 13, 22 1 Hi, When I checked this method out on the google-help-mail-password isn't working" page it said password recovery is not yet available on the mobile apps. Apr 26, 1 0 5.

How to Change Stored Google Password on Android

I tried several of the options posted here, the only one that worked and was VERY SIMPLE solution, is to enter to android market, follow the instructions and that is it, this makes gmail and all the applications related to your gmail account to work again! Thanks dirty Feb 1, 4 0 5. Jul 30, 1 0 5. Hi folks, I had changed my password for my gmail account, and for the life of me, no matter what I did, it did not work.

I didn't get a popup password error, and my gmail app would still pull down emails, just not send them. What it came down to is, I had another email address in the Android default account for myname mydomain. Since my two accounts are linked evidently , and I had not changed my password for my work email, only my personal myname gmail. Go and update the other linked account's password to match that of your gmail. Then update the email per any of the methods above, and voila! The gmail app started sending out emails again. Hope this helps anyone with the same frustrating issue I had!

Can anyone tell me, which method here works, as I am having great difficulty in resetting password into my dads phone Di I have to delete account somewhere, and re-enter?

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Feb 13, 1 0 5 Working at IT company Singapore. Hi I can't log in my gmail account. I had changed my new pass word.

Android: Change Stored Google Password

But my phone can't log in. If I put in my new password, I get error "Sync is currently experiencing probmems". I've been getting this same error message for 1 week. If enter my old password or a wrong password, I get "Your username and password do not match". Gmail will not allow me to switch back to a password that has been used previously. Someone help me. MancBlue Lurker. Feb 22, 1 0 5. I had to delete the account and add it again.

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It was the only way my device would let me change the password! Mar 1, 1 2 6. I will shurly not go thru all of that steps again to find out if this step is essential.

You may either do asame or try out omitting it Now to absolutely all starting with "Google All steps above were translated in english, I hope the menu items will be similar to those I translated, pls. Find the original german version below: You say that it wouldn't install, is your phone rooted? Not sure what you could possibly be doing wrong here, all the given options should work and not need to do a factory reset, something else has to be going on.

I thought it wasn't going to work but after 2 min received gmail message on my phone and i was in my gmail account again!!! You have to use an 'application specific password' to log in to the functions you are talking about. Information here: Its not really as much of a pain as the poster above makes it out to be. Its a one time thing for each setup you have to do phone, outlook, Win8 mail app, etc.

And its much more secure than not having two factor authentication enabled. Older Android phones couldn't remove the main Gmail account without a factory recent but newer ones can i think Jellybean 4.

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So if you have an older one you can't remove your gmail account. Tried creating another account bbut it doesn't go any further. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

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How to delete google account from android device without factory reset

Sign In or Sign Up. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Microsoft. Sign in with Twitter. How to remove google account without factory reset By alexmoreira , January 24, in Android Support gmail. Recommended Posts. Posted January 24, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.