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The graphics are quite simple, but much like Quizoid, it kind of doesn't matter because the rest of the game is just that fun. Anyone who likes movies should try this. We're halfway done! Here are some more fun game recommendations! Quizoid Price: Quizoid is an older, but still popular quiz game.

Amazon Quiz Answers 17 Feb 2019 - Amazon Today Quiz Prize Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It features over 7, trivia questions across over a dozen categories. The game also features three game modes classic, 20 question mode, and arcade mode , some hint mechanics, and it fully supports offline play. The game's UI and graphics are a little basic and they won't impress anybody.

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However, the game is otherwise fantastic. For that price, you get an extra 3, questions, two more game modes, and extra hint mechanics.


This is a good, stable, solid quiz game without a lot of compromises or problems. We really do enjoy the offline support as well. Not a lot of popular quiz games have that. Quizup Price: Quizup is one of the most popular quiz games out there. The game features online PvP. Players score more points by answering questions faster than the other player. The winner is the player who scores the most points. There are a ton of categories and the number consistently expands. There are also special categories. They usually come out around big events like holidays, movie releases, etc.

It's a bit more social than most trivia games. That could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. It's above average, but its advertising can get quite annoying from time to time. Trivia Price: Trivia is one of the newer quiz games. It's looks and feels like a traditional style trivia game. It comes with thousands of questions, true or false questions, riddles, and various categories. There are also leaderboards to see how well you're doing. Aside from that, it's a relatively simple trivia game. The interface is colorful, but easy to learn.

About the only downsides are that the landmark questions are generally US based.

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Also, there are quite a few ads and no way to get rid of them. Other than that, it's not bad. Trivia Crack 2 Price: PART Galaxy S3 Android 4. Unable to view photos sent with messages. Is there a remedy for this? Uses TracPhone as a server. Appreciate any information. A way to turn on the phone without a battery is mentioned as so here… https: Sometimes immediately after booting if i try to unlock , it will get unlocked and the screen is struck again: Please HELP me.

Either a solution for the phone to work normally or with a solution that i can get my data out of it. My Samsung Galaxy S3 is all of a sudden having a fast battery drain. Can someone please help me. My mom had it as a contract phone and then gave it to me when she upgraded. I had a year of no problems. A month ago, I received a notification that some data was corrupted so I would have to factory reset. I backed up my data and did just that.

Now, whenever I turn on my data and am using any application, My phone automatically shuts down within 2 minutes.

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It some times takes me an hour to get it to turn back on. The phone is not hot. New level and a awesome new Design!! Hi Kevin, Thanks for the update info. How many extra logos are there? Do you mean our App-Icon is not so good? Do you have an idea for another icon?

Logo Quiz Answers Level for iPhone, iPad, and Android

You can contact us via E-Mail. Hi Sebastian, Thanks for your message. What a coincidence it is that Kevin messages from a gmx account and then you email us from your German email ; With regards to your app-icon you need to revisit the colour scheme and compare how you look against your competitors. Emporio Armani is easily standing out right?

You can easily trump that with a couple of even more recognisable icons. What do you think about this logo? Try asking some girls about the colours you put in. I think I got frustrated when I entered the text in and mistakenly typed the name wrong. Im on a logo on level two for android its a red m and has a white backround also for north face it says its wrong can anyone help. The North Face logo is on level 6 of the logo quiz. We actually had the same problem when we made our solutions.

Hope that helps! Please help? Hi Carlos, Thanks you for your comments. Fully understand that you disagree with some of the points, but do remember that the review was written a few weeks back — prior to any of your updates. Hi pedro, Yeah this logo quiz always has issues with the ampersand sign for some reason.

You need to pluralise the name. WildWilly Can you add my game Visual Quiz to the list? I think my game is better than the ones listed above. But we could do a mini one here in the comments section: Which level are you stuck on? Which column and row? Otherwise… if you happen to have an iOS device, then check out the logo quiz there — there are hints and tips in that one: Are you planning to release answers for the logo quiz by Bubble Co.? So far there are logos, and some of them are really tough to figure out.

Unfortunately, there are no hints available. Hi Cynthia, Thanks for the info. We might look into it. I like your posts and you would be happy if you write a review on our new app.

Logo Quiz Levels

Yes, the recognition of the songs was in Version 1. With update 1. Some people miss tips for song like Logo Quiz tipps, but I think it is difficult to write tips for songs. If you get 25 Stars you can get an Joker, this means you can skip a song. Hi Oscar, Thanks for the comment. If you get really really really stuck…. We might do them soon though.

Nice article. Would you be able to add our game to the list? We recently launched and believe it is one of the better looking ones out there. Many thanks! Your email address will not be published. If you ever get stuck with a game, then feel free to leave us a message or check out our game hints and tips. You can install apps from Google Play by scanning the QR code or clicking on the image link in the review page. Logo Quizzes.

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