Cara restart samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0

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Factory Data Reset (Powered Off) - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 () | Verizon Wireless

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar A hard reset will reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 back to factory default settings. Comments I also am having the same issue as Gayle. This was indeed helpful, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has fully undergone factory reset. Many Thanks, Paul Anderson Ed. I tried everything and yet still wont work. Did this help? Let us know! But as far as we know, there are also many Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which does not have problem after use more than years.

So basically this tablet is good. Is there anything i can do to make it faster? The tablet is meant to be able to multitask but it is barely useful for doing one task!! This RAM should be enough to run many applications and doing multitasking at this tablet. But if you already use this tablet for several months, maybe you or someone else has downloaded some applications from Google Play Store.

Some of them could run in the background although you never touch that applications anymore after downloaded. That kind of applications should run in the background to wait for data update or wait some command. If there are too many applications run in the background, then this will make your tablet become run more slowly because they will need some RAM and processor resources.

But do not forget to backup all important data, because hard reset will delete or wipe all data from this tablet. While I m using my tab it become too hot with in few minutes. And along with it start slow resposding…start hanging….. What I can do…. That not appropriate applications running and use the processor resources and also it will make the battery drain faster.

Please try to un-delete suspected applications. Otherwise if you can not find which applications causes this problem, you should try to do hard reset to remove all installed application and make your tablet application back to factory default, then try to use without any add applications from Google Play Store. It should run normally. Please only choose recommended and high rate applications from Google Play Store. So you need to bring your Samsung Galaxy Note to authorize Samsung service center to change the battery with the new one.

But you still can try to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Tablet first and see weather the problem solved or still happen, otherwise Samsung service center can help you to replace the battery.

Hi, first of all we are always try to remind that doing root to your Android device could make some trouble and can not fix with standard steps. Therefore we can not give exact solution to try, unless you have to try reinstall with fresh operating system or using other 3th party custom ROM, but please do it carefully, because you need to install Recovery application at your tablet then you can flash with some available 3th party custom ROM.

If you are not sure how to do it, please ask for some professional help near your place. Hi my daughter has switched our gt2 on and it has Odin mode at top of screen and Android symbol saying downloading do not turn off target!!! Hi, maybe by accident your daughter pressing the button to download mode with volume down and power button together.

The download mode at Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. But as far as you never plug your tablet to computer which already installed with ODIN, then you are safe to turn it off anytime and this will not make trouble. If your phone can not started or stuck, you can try to use hardware button to hardreset like steps at Option 2 above.. Screen is being not swapped by touch. Hi, after doing hard reset but the LCD touch screen still not sensitive, then the problem comes from the hardware.

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First you can try to remove any screen guard protections that usually added to protect the screen from the scratch. Hi, I am using samsung tablet gtp from last 1 yr now I am facing problem abt the storage capacity inbuild memory is 12 gb but dont have to much function so the space can be full can u pls let us know how I have to erase history n how I can increase memory of this device. However, if you are use the very small internal memory at 8GB, then after use several period the applications that running and save internal data for cache or history will be become bigger and the internal memory will be insufficient.

Therefore, you will get some trouble while need to update or install new applications from Google Play Store. Once you find the trouble applications, then you should better to clean the Data with Clean Data button. Hi, I locked my Samsung tab with a password I think someone tried to unlock it and now even if I put the correct password it tells me incorrect. Can I connect to my computer and try and save my data? Or am I going to lose everything.

Factory Data Reset (Powered Off) - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Please help…. Hi, after your tablet get several time wrong answer with the password security protection, then it will freeze or locked for several seconds. However, you still can try to remove the MicroSD card and try to use memory card reader to read your microSD content. If you are sure important your data already backup at your computer, then try to use hardware button to do hard reset or master format. Hi, some some problem happen because your tablet case make the power button or some other button pressed by accident, that is why please remove all case from your tablet.

If the problem still happen, please try to do hard reset using hardware button key to make sure this problem not comes from your applications. If the problem still happen, then maybe you get the hardware problem, need to check more from Samsung authorize service center. Hi wnt to format my memory card in tab 2 but it asking me after cleck formet password pin i dnt have so hw to get password.

Hi, please try to give your security protection password or pin for format memory card at your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. If this is external memory, then you also can try to remove the memory card and insert it at computer using card reader. Hi, you should try to do hard reset or restore to factory default by using steps above. If your tablet problems come from applications, then it should fix after performing hard reset. If this problem still happen, then it should hardware trouble and need to get repair at Samsung authorize service center.

Hi, please follow the steps to hard reset using hardware combination button carefully, it will work for standard situations. If you still get this problem, please bring your tablet to Samsung authorize service center for further test. Hi, it your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet has locked but you can not unlock it, then please try to bypass using Google account.

If you can not unlock or bypass your locked Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, then please try to do hard reset using hardware button combination key above. If you get this problems, then you have to do hard reset using hardware button combination key. I pressed volume down and power button at the same time…now my tab sticks by displaying a android icon and it says Downloading…. How can I repair it…kindly replay. Hi, please follow the steps at Options 2 above to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 using hardware button combination key. Hi, the hard reset using hardware button combination key at your Samsung Galaxy Tab only can work for standard rom and when the hardware does not get trouble.

Good day. Ok so to start of i have a gt-p and its my frst android ever always been os person, so i need help pls, as you know standard is stuck on 4. Where can i get a more detailed setings menu of sorts, pls if ya can help just lemy know. Hi, as far as we know Samsung not give official firmware update anymore to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inches P, therefore you can not update to newest firmware versions like Android Lollipop for Android Marshmallow, but some other community give alternative solutions with unofficial custom ROM.

Before do this you have to read carefully what is advantages or disadvantages of using their custom rom, because sometime some features can not work properly with custom rom. Hi, plz help me I have a problem with samsung galaxy tab 2 gt p when I insert sim, even not stay network for 1 mintue. Hi, first maybe you need to try use different simcard just to make sure this problem comes from your simcard or not. If after changing simcard the problem still happen at your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, then you have to do hard reset using menu Setting with steps at option 1 above to reinstall your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P to factory default, it will fix this problem if comes from operating system trouble.

My son bought a galaxy tab a P wifi only one from a friend at school well he brought it home and charged it up turned it on and found it has a active retail mode on it and i have tried just about every thing i know to deactivate it and have been un able it will not hard reset said there is a security policy set so it is unable to preform hard reset what can i do if anything to deactivate the retail mode so he can use it. It will reinstall factory default Android operating system. But if you have important data at your tablet, then do not forget for doing backup.

I have entered my emai addtress and password several times I have deleted my Samsung accounts because I had 2 and no matter what when I try to sign in it says processing failed. I am paying monthly service for it and I cant evan use it. Hi, if you forgot Samsung account password, then you can try to reset password using https: We suggest to use computer browser for easy view and navigation.

However, if you have paying service, usually you have special line to get help, please use that line to fix this trouble. The other alternative you still can try to access one by one email account like Gmail or Yahoo that you have without use your phone. Hi, usually after choosing wipe data, then your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 will reformat the operating system to factory default.

But this steps maybe can not work if you use custom rom or tweaked rooted firmware.

Hard Reset SAMSUNG P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

If you are not sure, then please consult with Samsung authorize service center. Some custom rom also can make Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 features can not work perfectly. Hi, please use different Android charger with minimum 2 A current output just to make sure your power adapter is not trouble. Usually if press hardware button combination key, then your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet will reformat factory default operating system, unless you have done some custom tweak root or use custom rom.

Please consult with Samsung authorize service center. Hi, I m having tab 2 GT P, it was working fine. Today morning I put it on charging and went to my office. When I came back to home in night the tab was still on charging. When I took off the charger the phone was hanged or switch off blank screen. I have tried hard reset several times but tab is not getting reset. Pls help I will be highly thankful to you. Pls pls pls help me….. Hi, it seems that your Gmail applications get trouble at your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inches. If Please try to do hard reset one more time, but after finish reformat, do not login with any previous Google account, you may create new Google account at this tablet, then try to use for several hours or days.

Hi, usually after finish hard reset, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will reformat or reinstall with factory default operating system. Please follow hard reset with hardware button combination key carefully. If still can not work, then maybe your hardware of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is broken and need to get repair at Samsung authorize service center.

Due to safety issues i hd set the screen password but now i want to remove that bt unable as there comes no option for it.. Hi, you may try to unlock forgotten security screen lock password at your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 using Google account. Please turn on your tablet, when it ask for password, then try to give several time wrong answer continuously until your tablet freezing 30 seconds. At this time you can find Forgot password button, press this button then you will find field to type your Gmail username and password that you have already signed in before.

Please make sure your Internet connections is active when doing this process, because your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet will ask authentication to Google server. If you still can not unlock using Gmail account, then please follow steps to hard reset this tablet using hardware button combination key like steps at options 2 above. I have tab2 with a very stubborn virus on it.

The virus can control everything on my tab. I went to a mobile shop and he told me that he can fix it for me by doing a different kind of formatting. Actually I would like to do it myself, so any idea on how to do it? Hi, as far as we know after your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inches already finish hard reset, then the operating system will be reinstall to factory default. My tablet started acting up while charging. It was booting and rebooting and rebooting.

When I tried to do a factory reset I get the message: Encryption failed "Unable to perform encryption due to interruption. Perform factory data reset before use. After resetting try encrypting device again" Can anyone help? Jan 29, 4: After performing the factory reset and powering back on to reboot there is an error and tab shuts down again May 7, 6: My touchscreen is inresponsive and I can not turn it off it will only reset then goes on lock screen and will not do anything else. In return because I can not get the tablet to shut down I can not hard reset. I need solutions for this issue.

Thank you. What if I can only reboot my tablet and can not shut it down to hard reset? My touchscreen does not work and holding the power only reboots it then it goes to the lock screen and is stuck. Now what should I do? Jul 7, I rooted my Samsung tab 2 in the hope that it would run faster, however, Sky go will not run on a rooted device. I have tried using the factory reset you have described but the root is still there, do you have any other advice on this subject, I don't care about losing data, I just need sky go to run properly and getting the tablet back to where it was when I got it out of its box.

Thanks for any help you can give. Sep 2, 6: I can't make the screen lit at all not hard resseting, no holding buttons, no charging screen, nothing! Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community.

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Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Scott Adam Gordon. Forum posts: Reply More Link to post. Kenny Sigat. Any tip or news for samsung galaxy tab 7. Deactivated Account. Triono Mboyst. Sunil Sunariya. Moktel Mukthi. Alternatively you can use the back up and restore app ready installed on your handset, like this: Note that if data back up is disabled, existing backups are deleted from Google's servers.

To hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. Or Press and hold the Power button until the Device options screen appears. Let us know if you have any problems [1]: Brian Neuzil. Thanks for any help your able to provide!

Sanjai Joseph Mod. Brian Neuzil Two questions: Hard reset will not downgrade your OS. Ready To Help You.